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What did you guys get up to this week?  I brunched and patio-drank like a CHAMP, cuddled the world’s cutest long-haired Chihuahua, helped a friend move, and this weekend I’m up north in my tiny home town, helping an old friend celebrate becoming a physician’s assistant!  Fancy!
Anyway.  Links!
The amazing Freelancers’ Union interviewed me!  I talked about my productivity tips, shared advice for the budding freelancer, and the marvels of scheduled emails.I CANNOT believe this dress is $30.

As a former expat I have fond (re: hilarious) memories of eating ‘Italian’ food in Taiwan.  I loved this essay on Panang Curry Lasagna.
Think baked pork chops with a clear soup-like gravy in the Chinese style; steaks fried at high heat for a rare center but a crispy, carbonized texture on the outside and then drowned in vinegar, oil, and Worcester sauce; and accompaniments like fresh-baked bread with pandan-scented dip.


You guys know I believe that smart is sexy.  Here’s a great brain training website that claims to improve your memory, increase your attention span, and make you better at problem solving!


I’ve been told that my voice sounds like Julia Roberts or Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (you can hear it here.)  This post about your voice and how it affects the way people view you is super interesting – apparently the sound of your voice matters twice as much as what you’re actually saying!
9 spring cleaning to make your apartment livable again (I’ve been scrubbing my baseboards with an old toothbrush.  So.)
Something to think about next time you tell someone not to take a photo of you.
Even now, I look at photos of my beautiful mother with me as a baby, images so fondly ingrained in my mind, and catch myself trying to compose myself for family shots with my son—hoping that he too will one day look back and think “look at me and my beautiful mother.” If I look at a photo of myself holding the baby, fresh from sleep, with bed-head and pillow wrinkles still pressed into my cheek, I am apt to cringe and tempted to say “delete”—always seeing the images through the eyes of an imagined audience. But with the passage of time (even days), I find that my vanity fades and I see how valuable these candid captured moments are.Related: a hilarious set of photos about going to a museum with a sulky tween. (I’m sure there are very similar photos of me when I went to Disneyland with my family at 14.)

My summer uniform will consist of grey jean shorts, this t-shirt (or this casually sexy tank), these fancy flop flops, and I love this bracelet that looks like a napkin ring.

I looove this house tour!  Apparently, it’s only a matter of time till I paint my walls black.

Helpful!  Most asked job interview questions (and suggested responses)

Two songs I’ve been loving lately: Perfect Games // Dissolve Me

Some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: Questionable hairstyles I’ve had or am considering, What’s the point of pretty?, Getting a J-O-B without a B.A.Hope you had a great weekend, friends!



These posts are the highlight of checking my RSS reader on a Sunday evening. Thank you for always sharing such interesting links!


So sad I missed the dress JCP says it's no longer available! snooze you lose I guess! Thanks for sharing the job opp questions, I have a good friend looking for a job that I shared it with. Hopefully it is helpful for him.


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