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How was your week, guys?
 Mine was buuuuuusy – dinner parties, late night street parties to celebrate gay marriage, an Of Montreal show (which was amazing!), the opening of this sweet boutique, and going out dancing with 15 (!) friends.  Goodness!Anyway: enough about me.  Let’s talk about you, internet. 

Such a cute swimsuit!  And the Beetlejuice lover in me needs these pants.
Lord, but I was a bossy child (SURPRISE!) and I’m sure I said things like this to my parents.  Hilarious!
The Poverty Line is a fascinating website. It “attempts to show what it means to be poor, by taking photos of daily amounts of food you can buy if your income lies at the poverty line.”
So interesting!  Thousands of Westerners go to India every year to seek enlightenment.  Apparently every year a few lose their way.
In early February, Spollen called his mother, Lynda, to tell her he planned to spend two or three weeks hiking in the Himalayas near the pilgrimage site of Rishikesh, the yogaphilic city on the Ganges where the Beatles visited Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. She reportedly asked him not to go alone, but he told her that was the whole point. “It’s a spiritual thing,” he explained. He was never heard from again.

Are you a photographer?  Make your photos available to bloggers and websites to promote your work or make money.  Imgembed looks awesome!If you follow me on Twitter, you know I bought this sundress in multiples. Here’s why:
1. Super flattering princess cut
3. Adjustable straps
4. If you’re smaller than a D-cup you can probably freeboob it 😉

If your mode of foundation application is ‘smear it all over your face with both hands’ (mine is) I highly recommend L’oreal BB cream.  It’s the best of several bb creams I’ve tried (including much more expensive ones) and it makes you look polished but not too ‘made up.’
If you’re in the Twin Cities, check out the Daily Diner in Frogtown. They’ve got yummy, affordable breakfasts (I love their huevos rancheros) and they employ people who are receiving vocational training to transition out of homelessness, addiction, or other issues.  Lovely, right?
I love this house tour.  That gold pig!
Helpful!  Have you ever thought about the cup shape when you’re buying a bra?  I hadn’t!
If you’re a Westerner who’s ever lived in Asia (I lived in Taiwan for a year and a half) you’ll love WTF  Japan Seriously.
I like the sweet, simple, super affordable jewelry in this Etsy shop.  Look at these cute earrings!
Are these the best tights you’ve ever seen?!Two songs that I’ve been loving lately:
You + Me (for my impending BFF road trip to Nashville)
If So (be careful, this one will get stuck in your head like whoa)

Some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: 5 ways to make your business sparkle, This is what a feminist looks like, I’m sorry, I only speak American.Hope you had a great weekend, guys!



My sister has a version of the Beetlejuice pants from a different retailer. They are quite…bold, shall we say?

Kaitlin Marie

I am OBSESSED with L'Oreal's BB cream. I even wrote a blog post about my love for it a couple of months ago (and I rarely do that for actual products). It's the perfect amount of coverage!

Sarah @ Marvelous-Darling

I freaking love your use of the term "free-boob it", since that's how I like to spend about 75% of my time when I'm not at work. What's the point!? I'm a B-cup!

Since I've been working at Lush, I've been trying to avoid animal testing, and it's been hard to find a new makeup routine that's not out of control expensive. I do love the Lush "Colour Supplements" (foundation-like), particularly mixed with some moisturizer. For some people, they're a splurge, but I've been really happy with how they've treated my skin. Plus, no animal testing!

Catherine Summers

Sarah thank you for the link love! Hadn't had a chance to check my stats and traffic this week till now… and I think I may just have to agree that the tights are very flattering – they give me faux "triangle knees" rather than the ones I have that I don't like!


Catherine x
Not Dressed As Lamb


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