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How was your week, friends? I got back from a five-day BFF roadtrip on Monday night and spent the rest of my week catching up with high school buddies who are in town for vacation, going to a morning (!) wedding, a birthday party, a brunch, and a barbecue.  So many things!  All the time!


Also!  Important!  On Wednesday Sarah and I spent 14 hours (!) giving mini consults on blogs.  499 comments later, we noticed that a lot of bloggers are making the same oddly obvious, totally fixable mistakes.  Wanna know what they are?  I’m sharing five with the clever people who subscribe to my small business newsletter.  You can sign up here if you’re keen.

Anyway.  Links!

Is this cool or ridiculous? And this dress is a.dor.a.ble.Want more/better clients + customers?  Explain what makes you YOU.


When it comes to your business, how nice is too nice?
Remember, support staff is hired to do just that: support you. So even though being friendly with your team is important, they’re not you’re friends (especially if you just hired them). You don’t pay your friends. You run a business, no matter how micro. You manage the costs – fiscal and emotional – so you’ve got to be able to confidently set boundaries about what you’re paying for.


This photo project is thought-provoking and gorgeous.
An infographic cookbook?  Into it.



You might remember that I’m quite interested in prison reform.  This article about inmates writing Yelp reviews of prisons is fascinating.
Lawyers as well as prison inmates and their family members have turned to the site to report mediocre food and allegations of serious abuse. They join the enterprising reviewers who have used Yelp to critique traffic signals and public bathrooms.Adorable things I’d like to buy: a sloth ring, this hilarious banner, these cute earrings.

If you’re in Minneapolis/St. Paul and looking for a cleaning lady, you should check out Two Bettys!  They’re a green cleaning service that employs artists (and pays them better-than-industry-average), so they can have super flexible ‘day jobs’ and still do their creative work. (For the record, I clean my apartment myself, I just wanted to give a shout out to a cool local business that supports creatives.)

Ain’t no party like a Gatsby party.

Related: did you know that Leo and Tobey are real life BFFs?Have you been playing GeoGuesser?  It’s a great way to stay smart.

The least appealing food I’ve eaten in eight years of travel (these are my favorite international nibbles)What happens when your daughter is ashamed by your lack of a college degree?

By renting our house and driving a Jetta, we were on par with the crack addicts at the apartment complex down the road. Soon we were doubting our choices, and for the first time worried that we’d made a mistake by not going to college and trying aggressively to get our piece of the pie. My husband was told he should be “working smart, not hard,” but at this point, working hard was all he knew. He was also proud of putting in a good day’s work, getting overtime, and providing for his family. But, sadly, his blue collar wages couldn’t match our rising rent, and we were unable to afford to stay in our sweet California neighborhood.Yesyesyes. 20 beauty and style mistakes I made in my 20s (that I’m ditching now that I’m in my 30s.)

Hahhahha!  What happens when you try Gwyenth’s diet?

When my guests arrive and I feed them the meatballs, I can tell that they hate them. One of them pulls out a huge bag of chips and starts eating them in front of me. Another one leaves to “actually eat dinner.” I am about to have a panic attack when I suddenly remember when Gwyneth went to a dinner party in America and someone asked her what kind of jeans she was wearing and she thought to herself, “I have to get back to Europe.” America is the worst. I say nothing about anyone’s jeans, even though I was literally just going to ask everyone about their jeans.

Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: A personal collection of ‘Wait. What? moments’, the secret language of friends, I’m an oxymoron and so are you (and that’s okay.)
Hope you had a great week, friends!



Thanks for Geoguesser! Just spent at least an hour playing on that with my boyfriend. Nothing like competitive location guessing.


The "petal tikka" is ridiculous, sorry! It's traditional purpose is for Indian brides or elaborate bharatanatyam dance costumes–and unlike the bindi does not translate well to every day wear. If you do want to wear one with Western dress, why not buy one from an actual Indian jeweler instead? It will be twice as beautiful, promise 🙂


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