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What’d you guys get up to this week?  As you’re reading this, I’m in St. Louis with seven friends, poking around The City Museum (again), checking out the zoo, and eating lots of barbecue.

Enough about me!  Links for you!

When Sarah and I gave free mini-consults on 500 gajillion blogs, we saw lots of the same oddly obvious mistakes. I’ve been making little infographics of these mistakes and posting them on the Yes and Yes Facebook page – follow along if you want to make sure you’re not making any of them!

Do you have student loans?  I’m really intrigued by the SmarterBucks program.

This documentary looks amaaaaazing.

I know this scarf is ridiculous.  I care not.  I want it anyway.

When you buy new clothes, do you favor ethically made stuff? Hanky Panky bras and underwear are all made in America and Imagine Goods is a fair trade company that makes gorgeous stuff (I really love this dress.)

I love David Sedaris and his feelings about guest rooms.

“If you prefer a shower to a tub, I can put you upstairs in the second guest room,” I say. “There’s a luggage rack up there as well.” I hear these words coming from my puppet-lined mouth and shiver with middle-aged satisfaction. Yes, my hair is gray and thinning. Yes, the washer on my penis has worn out, leaving me to dribble urine long after I’ve zipped my trousers back up. But I have two guest rooms.The single most hilarious Craiglist ad for a used Toyota that’s ever happened.  Ever.

Need some new music?  I’ve been loving this totally-out-of-season song and here’s a list of NPR’s 25 favorite albums of the year (so far) 

I just love potatoes so, so much.

Upworthy is my new favorite source for smart, interesting, positive stuff.

Morning coffee would be way, way better if we drank it out of these, right?

Gallery owners who happen to match the art they’re selling.

In the event that you need a reminder that solo travel is awesome:

The first rule of travel is that you should always go with someone you love, which is why I travel alone. The writer’s life is more openly narcissistic than most, yet it takes a true connoisseur of self-involvement, a grand master in the art of selfishness, to experience the world’s delights as they are meant to be enjoyed: through one pair of eyes, via one set of ears, with the perfect use of your own nostrils, tongue and touch. I believe that traveling alone is the last great test of who you are in a world where everyone aches to be the same.Honest Disney movie posters.

I think it’s so, so, so important to be present in your offline life (read: stop playing with your phone when I’m spilling my soul) so I love Katie’s ‘Live a REAL Life iPhone Challenge.’

My real-life friend and fellow Taiwan expat wrote this excellent piece about life, age, and expectations:

The next year, I turned 29 whilst chugging fluorescent margaritas on the patio of a tequila bar in Shanghai. Three months later, I was single and unemployed, sleeping in my mom’s spare bedroom in Pittsburgh. One month later, I was sleeping on my friend’s futon in Philadelphia, still running my mouth about wanting to be a writer. I spent most of my time sleeping, cooking, and walking.
It was becoming clear that my imaginary timelines and deadlines for my amorphous goals weren’t worth shit. That in fact, it was incredibly easy to turn 30 without a job, a life partner, or even a place to live. Whether you put up a fight, whether you have a game plan, whether you have goals or intentions or dreams you can’t even speak to yourself, time keeps moving.I love this weird, creepy bloody cleaver purse.

Hilarious and painfully spot on – Twitter Bio Generator.

Some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: It’s okay to be awesome, How to rock at blogging. or life. or both, How to date a younger man.

Hope your weekend was great, guys!



Re: SmarterBucks
Nice concept, but it's a time waster for sure. As an experienced opinion survey/reward site user, I give this one a D-. After setting up my account I spent close to an hour just trying to qualify for a survey. Thought I should warn others. 🙂


Oh gosh, everyone's covering this song, it's insane! But I like this version. Maybe 'cos George is cool. 😉

Solo traveling – yes to that! Okay, I do admit I occasionally wish I'd have someone to share the emotions with. Right away, right there, but all in all… I am all for solo traveling. Of course I also travel with friends, but for example in July I will spend an extended weekend in Lisbon on my own and looking fwd to it. The only downside is that all hotels etc cost double if you're on your own. I guess the perfect combo is staying somewhere with a relaxed friend who gives you the keys, but won't spend all the time with you, so there's good balance. 🙂


i look forward to your sunday posts all week (you're one of the only bloggers with a 'sunday paper'). you never let us down.


That scarf IS ridiculous. Buy it though and use it as a table cloth while you consider what possible outfit could benefit by its presence.


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