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Friends!  How was your week?  Mine was pretty representative of every week I’ll have this summer: a pedi, three different barbecues, lunch with friends, working, writing, making lots of these.  As always, if you appreciate my taste in internet-ery, may I suggest you follow me on Twitter?  I tweet at ‘fave read of the day’ every evening – all different links from what I do here!

Anyway! Links!

I guest posted over on Mind Body Green about How To Make It Easier To Be Awesome.

Hilarious.  24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing.

Do you think I could get away with wearing this this summer?

Yes!  One of the great things about 2013 is that you don’t need to ‘get picked’ in order to be successful – you can make your own opportunities.

The artist who struggles in obscurity, unfairly ignored because he hasn’t been picked–that’s a poignant sight. But at some point, the artist has the obligation to seek a different path, one that isn’t dependent on a system that doesn’t deserve him.
It’s easier than ever to imagine a successful project or career or organization that isn’t dependent on being picked by those with power.
Gosh, but I love a good travel list!  46 places to go in 2013.This is the first Kickstarter campaign I’ve been really, really, really excited about.  Get on it, Twin Citians!

Also!  How to visit LA like a total cheapskate!

As a former teacher and the child of two teachers, I wish I’d had this resource.

Gah!  This nail polish!

Floral + polka dot = yes. Also: rock tee + polka dot blazer = yes.

The Cinderella Slayer.  Discuss.

Wise words about rejection from our girl Cheryl Strayed.

This essay about high school and college students is great: In Defense Of Being A Pretentious Little Shit.

Most of us won’t do amazing things with our lives. A few, however, will. And I guarantee you they won’t be the people snarking about “special little snowflakes” and “obnoxious little shits” who write imagined dialogues between themselves and Oscar Hammerstein. They’ll be the people who hear such insults and don’t care.

Lovely! 10 best upcycled projects.Truth.  Stop calling it a ‘big girl job.’ 

Things to make/eat/bake: creamy margarita popsicles, white chocolate rose cake with strawberries, homemade poptarts.

I’ve been making good progress with my goal to work out, eat breakfast, and shower BEFORE I check any email (it’s so embarrassingly difficult!) Here are 27 more simple health tips for entrepreneurs.

This really surprised me – Top 10 Questions Millennials Ask The Internet. (Though I’d probably have to google ‘how to boil an egg,’ too.)

A few weeks ago, I saw The Eskimo Brothers in Nashville – so much fun!

A clever way to come up with original ideas!

This is so true I want to pound on my desk and shout: Activity breeds activity.

Some Yes and Yes posts you may have missed: that time I took a pole dancing class, True Story: I’m 23 and I’ve Never Been Kissed, poetry that doesn’t make you roll your eyes.

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