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How was your week, guys?  I spent mine in Denver, swimming in this amazing spring-fed pool in the mountains, AND SEEING MERMAIDS. Now I’m catching up with friends, welcoming my sister and her fiance back to Minnesota after two years in L.A., and crossing ‘riding a tandem bike’ off my list!

Enough about me! Let’s talk about links!

I loved Rachel Hills essay about who we are vs. who we’d like to think we are.

Isn’t that what so many of us struggle with? The gulf between the person we would like to be (and perhaps in our better moments, the person we really are) and the shadow that lurks beneath it. The person we are trying to become, and the seemingly inferior version that keeps rearing its head instead.

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Is it possible that this dress is sexy, modest, stylish AND comfortable?
Free stock photos for you blog!
I can tell you that the best shawarma in Lebanon is in the Hezbollah-controlled southeast part of the country, and also what it looks like inside the Champagne Room at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport, where they interrogate people with Lebanese visas in their passports: it’s windowless and filled with steel examination tables (for your luggage), curtained examination closets (for you), X-ray machines, metal detectors, and large men with earpieces attached to wires under their shirts, Secret Service-style. No one smiles, ever, and I wasn’t allowed to close the door to the bathroom.So effing helpful. 29 Ways To Feel Better So You Can Get Back To Work

Welp, there goes my expendable income: Vintage trailer rentals!

As an honorary Kiwi, I’m all over these Pimm’s Cup Popsicles.

I’m going to wear these as soon as the temperature gets below 60.

These dresses look simultaneously comfortable and stylish.  Let’s buy them all, shall we?

Making broken bones about a million times more stylish.

Interest recipe to try: sweet pickled strawberries?

I sort of feel like this about my work.

Yup. 18 money mistakes we’ve all made (and can totally get past.)

Hope you had a great weekend!



Your blog is one of the few that never gets old or stale. I appreciate your positive outlook and zest for life.


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