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What’d you guys get up to this week?  As per the usual, I lunched/brunched/co-worked with friends, met up with my mentee on Google hangouts, did a Clever Session with the lovely Kelly Rheel, whooped it up at three different parties, and impressed people, yet again, with my fancy jello shots.  (If you’re doing any river-tubing this summer, may I recommend these?)Anyway. Enough of my shenanigans.  Links!

Monday’s True Story interview was a tough one.  I wrote here about how important these interviews are.

A great tip to help you avoid worrying too much.

As previously noted here many times, I love small spaces. This round up of stylish studio apartments is great!

Gorgeous black and white underwater photography.

Isn’t this dress sexy? Also, this awesome clutch.

Yup.  How saying ‘Hmmmm’ instead of ‘Okay’ can make you thousands each year.

That’s what hard negotiation will get you. Tens of thousands of dollars more in salary. When a company wants you and has means, they will give the offer their all. Because if they are talking salary, they want you. And honestly, they realize it will cost them a lot more money to have to start the hiring process all over again or go with an inferior candidate.

I’m a morning person and I’m not great at harnessing that early-in-the-day drive.  Sarah talks about finding your best time for creative work.

Funny!  Children’s book covers starring Parks + Rec characters!

I do not care that these sandals are $245.  I want them in my life.  Like, yesterday.
If I can’t have those, I’ll settle for these cute $26 sandals.

Book titles with one letter missing!

Things to cook/eat/make: roasted cherry bourbon milkshakes, scrambled tofu rancheros, broccoli cheese patties.

Correct.  We could all use a refresher on the golden rule when it comes to dating.

And as far as I can tell, the only antidote to dating’s soul-sucking nature is kindness, and the willingness to see the person you’re out with as more than just a jumble of potential assets and weaknesses, but a fellow human like yourself.Prepare to surrender the next 2 hours of your life (and to be super annoying at dinner parties.)  Wikipedia’s list of common misconceptions.

Cuuuuuute!  The Black Keys are sponsoring a little league team in their hometown of Akron, Ohio!

A super interesting blog post about how to tread the line between being a lifestyle blogger who spots trends and over-encouraging consumption.

I’ve made a living uncovering trends and sharing products and labeling things as “must-haves” and “statement makers.” And I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit that I still love doing it. I’m fascinated with discovering new designs that change the rules, new artists that struggle for their passions – and yes, every now and then, just a pretty dress. I mean, come on. I’m still pinning like a crazy person. I’m adding to the noise.Jay Z’s 99 problems, illustrated. (I love problem #33!)

Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: How to get a job with a Liberal Arts degree, 5 cute, sexy-ish shoes you can actually walk in, My 3-product makeup bag (Yes, Really.)

Hope you guys had a great weekend! 

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Alicia Johnston

Love the article from Sarah about finding your best time for creative work. I think in my ideal world, I'd work from 7am-2pm, then use the afternoon for downtime and fall asleep around 9. Clearly my dream life is super happening. I'm going to try her time tracking suggestion though to see if what I find agrees with what I think I know!


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