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This is Somewhere from Works Progress on Vimeo.

How was your week, guys?  I spent the last nine days at my childhood home, on a lake in rural Minnesota. It’s definitely a slower pace up here but it’s hard to beat the rejuvenating power of canoes, lake water, diner breakfasts with old friends, and raspberries eaten right off the bush.  Bliss!Anyway!  Links!

The above video was made by my good friends Shanai and Colin at Works Progress.  I’ve known Nia since we were 14 (!) and I love the work that they’re doing for artists and rural America.  Isn’t awesome when the people you knew as a kid turn out to be awesome adults, too?

I’m adding this book to my nightstand.

This graduation speech about regret is so lovely and moving.
So here’s something I know to be true, although it’s a little corny, and I don’t quite know what to do with it:
What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness.

Max Wagner’s photo prints are so sweet and joyful and summery.  I’d like at least three.

I’m a huge, huge advocate of community colleges – I’ve even considered teaching at one.  I really liked Shauna’s musings on why she chose to go to one and what she got out of it.

I love entertaining and I live in an apartment.  As such, I liked this post on how to entertain in an apartment.

A tour of a super stylish travel trailer!

These cheeky leather luggage tags are hilarious.

Things to eat/cook/bake: chilled parsley and pea soup, sweetcorn and strawberry ice cream, cucumber watermelon popsicles.

A reminder about work. There are very few perfect jobs. For now, just look for a good one.

Bad news first: the answer to your question will not be in this (or any!) blog entry. “How do I find a satisfying, lucrative career that suits my needs?” is akin to “Where will I encounter my soulmate?” Some false premises are at play.
Some people find their soulmate. And other people find jobs that pay them $150,000 a year to fight the good fight and still have time for rich and satisfying home lives.
But … that does not happen in your 20s. If ever.

Trying to find passion in your professional life?  Here are 8 ways to help you do just that!

Scott Albrecht’s prints are positive and somewhat inspirational without being saccharine.

I would like a pile of these bracelets and these sweet wedges.   Also: cutecutecute!

A post devoted to cheese.  Love it.

The end of the road(s).  Literally.

Interesting!  Despite being incredibly social and outgoing, I think I’m actually an introvert.  Here are six things you might has mistakenly assumed about us.
Many introverts aren’t shy; they may feel confident and at ease around people, but simply require more alone time to balance out the energy they expend in social situations. Similarly, an extrovert may seek the company of others but feel insecure or uncomfortable in groups.

Here’s another reason I don’t have a data plan on my phone.

A few Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: Let’s stop pretending it’s always easy, How to broadcast body confidence, True Story: My mom made me smuggle drugs.

Hope you had a great week!


Mrs. Blue Sky

Hi Sarah, I really appreciate these Sunday posts most of all…even though I wonder if they are the most work for you to put together? Anyway, Thank-You!!!

Erika @ All Things E

What an awesome collection of great things to read. You've got great taste Sarah, I always seem to enjoy each and every one of the links you share! I hope you had a great weekend! 🙂


Its been a rough week – bone spur in neck – thanks for the link to "sunny" made me smile and be impatient for better days


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