There Are 99 Days Left in 2013 – What Are You Going To Do With Them?


2013, You charmer!  Where are you going?  Just when we were getting comfortable!  I was about to loosen my belt and order another glass of wine and you’re putting on your jacket and saying something about your parking meter.  I’m not ready for you to leave yet!Did you have big plans for 2013?  I certainly did.  Have I made much progress on making 12 videos or getting ripped or speaking to 10 classes of college students?  I have not.  I’ve been better about eating actual meals (re: not fake meat patties in front of the computer) and calling far-flung friends (sometimes) but that’s about it.

But 99 days is still enough time to do something important and interesting and impressive.  Let’s get down to business.  I won’t let amazing Halloween parties or holiday cookies or bad weather get in the way – I’m going to make some ish happen.Here’s how I’m going to make the next 99 days awesome:
1. I will choose three big goals
I made 12 different big goals for 2013.  Between client work, developing an app, creating and selling a calendar, writing a book proposal, and having some semblance of a personal life – I, uh, can’t make that happen.   But three goals?  I think I can do that.

2. I will measure that business
There’s a lot of wisdom to the saying ‘You manage what you measure.’  I’m going to dork out with charts and gold stars and scheduled reminders. Anyone who sees my office will blush with second-hand embarrassment at my try-hard-ery.

3. I will reward myself when I reach my goals
When I was little and I’d ask my mom what I got for having a good report card/a clean room/doing my chores, she’d say “You get the pleasure of a job well done.”  And while she speaks the truth (and lifting weights and understanding my camera come with rewards of their own) I’m building some carrots into this scenario.  Like massages or a light fixture or a weekend away.

What are your goals for these 99 days?  How are you going to make them happen?

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This is really inspiring! Although it is a little scary to think how quick this year has gone. My goals are to do some kind of volunteering (possibly in the arts) and to learn to drive. X

Holly And the Ivy

I set objectives for this year rather than resolutions such as finding a new job, getting my broken tooth sorted out (at last) and becoming a member of the National Trust, but one of them that I was most excited about was "To try at least 5 new things". Well I've done that and then some. Once you set yourself on a path to trying at least a couple of new things, it kind of goes along a theme and you keep looking out for new opportunities. They don't have to be big things, just like your list of things before your birthday. I thought I'd translate that into a year long thing to try and be a bit more adventurous and outgoing.

If anyone is interested, the things I've done are:
1. Went to a Wine tasting evening
2. Went to the theatre in London to see a show (Top Hat – It's wonderful!)
3. Tried a 'Kung Fu' Class
4. Tried an Aqua deep fitness class – and stuck with it!
5. Took myself to Wales on my own to get away for a break
6. Went to a Tropical Bird sanctuary and handled and fed the birds
7. On a similar note, went on a falconry day and flew the birds of prey (amazing experience)
8. Joined the gym!
9. And tried lobster

I'm sure there's a couple more things I haven't managed to write down yet but thought I'd just share my thoughts on experiences and objects for the year and how easy it can be to have a positive goal to look forward to! You could defo fit them in before the end of the year – Good luck guys!

Domestic Kate

Would you be interested in speaking to my college students (via Skype)? I don't know which topics you had in mind, but this semester my English class is studying creativity (creativity in schools, the workplace, and in our personal lives). You would be terrific!

Sarah Von Bargen

Yes! The internal mic on my computer is jacked at the moment (so no skyping or google hangout-ing) but I'm getting it fixed next week. Drop me a line and we'll figure something out!

Secret Squirrel

Great post Sarah. My goals for the next 99 days are to help settle in our rescue dog, go to the theatre twice before New Year and… Something else. I will have a think!


Argh. Where has the year gone?

My big goal for the rest of the year is to recapture my mountain biking fitness. I've just had 6 months off with injury so it's going to be a slog.

A couple of other goals are to draft the 3 papers that I have the results sitting here for and to get my motorcycle licence for summer.


My goals for the next 99 days – get into the best shape I have ever been in for my 40th birthday (Dec 15) and by day 99…be in even better shape. Secondly, i am going to make a CHOICE about the future of my business. Third, invite a group of women to listen to a audio book on emotional freedom 🙂


My goals are to plan a trip for my winter holidays, host a party in our apartment, and pay my credit card debt down to half of what it currently is.

simple mama

My goals are:
1. Buy a new bra
2. Go to the gym once a week until 2014
3. Create and mail a family Christmas card without a single nervous breakdown.

This are extremely lofty for me. I teach first grade full time, have a two year old and eight month old, and my husband and I only have one common day off. But there are 99 days left to be awesome, no matter how crazy/frumpy/overwhelmed I feel! Thank you so much for the inspiration.

Jenn Rowell

Ugh, the year is going ridiculously fast. Given that I moved to a new state, started a new job and bought a house with the boyfriend, I guess that's an okay thing, but there's so much more I wanted to accomplish this year!

I think I really am going to drill it down to just the major things I want to accomplish this year and rock them out. It's going to be hard to pick just three, but with now less than 99 days, must.focus.


Wow…pretty impressive crowd I'm elbowing into!! My goals were pretty simple~I figured I might actually boost myself a notch or two if I made some goals that weren't lofty or unattainable and I was right! I went to and past most of my goals…2014 is going to much of the same, because consistency is a virtue too! Gonna make the best of 2014 in any way I can-my boy is going to graduate next year and THAT is going to be hard to face, but I still gotta make a good point of being productive as I have an 8 yr old to follow in his footsteps.


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