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How was your week, guys?  As you read this, I’m in New York apartment/dog-sitting for a good friend (how convenient that this happened to coincide with my birthday!)  I spent this week eating and drinking and talking with a lot of fantastic people, catching up with NYC friends, and having tons and tons of fun.  You know, the usual.Links!  For you!

On the Yes and Yes Facebook page, I asked you guys for non-museum, non-tourist attraction recommendations and you told me about 41 (!) awesome things!

Want more adventure in your life?  Make one of these.

What should you do when you’ve made someone angry?
As it turns out, it’s not the thought that counts or even the action that counts. That’s because the other person doesn’t experience your thought or your action. They experience the consequences of your action.
I love this house tour!  So sophisticated and calming.
Why is Scandinavia always so awesome?  Norway’s Prime Minister spent as afternoon (secretly) working as a cabbie so he can find out citizen’s real opinions about the government.
A hilarious blog I didn’t know about: Books of Adam.


Fascinating! 9 Qualities of Truly Confident People (they’re different than what you’d think!)
Gorgeous!  Dancers among us.
This bracelet!  So cute!  And this ring is badass.
I loved this idea for a DIY monthly calendar. (Though you should obviously be saving a place on your wall for the cat literary calendar of 2014.)
This article about the twin siblings set to inherit the Duke fortune was so, so interesting and sad.
Raised by two drug addicts with virtually unlimited wealth, Georgia and Patterson survived a gilded childhood that was also a horror story of Dickensian neglect and abuse. They were globe-trotting trust-fund babies who snorkeled in Fiji, owned a pet lion cub and considered it normal to bring loose diamonds to elementary school for show and tell. And yet they also spent their childhoods inhaling freebase fumes, locked in cellars and deadbolted into their bedrooms at night in the secluded Wyoming mountains and on their ancestral South Carolina plantation. 
Wouldn’t this jacket be perfect for fall?  Also: can I convince you that this dress is not actually a nightgown? And then can I buy it in five colors?
I spent a year and a half living and teaching in Taiwan, so I obviously loved this post about 28 reasons to love Taipei.
Ron Swanson, I love you even when you read me book spoilers.
I love a good list of life lessons.


21. Plans will get you way farther than wishes will. “I plan to save $300 so I can spend a weekend in Panama City with my friends” is greater than “I wish I was at the beach.”

22. Don’t be scurred, but don’t be stupid. Watching Taken shouldn’t deter you from flying to Paris. Likewise, unless you’re a foreign correspondent, you shouldn’t be trying to kick it in a war zone.

For the former (or current) Goth in all of us: Smiths lyrics as applied to Peanuts comic strips.


Use bullets or numbered lists when possible. These are easier to skim than blocks of text.

When something is really important, bold it.


Do not overuse bold in your emails.
Use legible fonts. Comic Sans is not a legible font.



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