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How was your week, guys? I went to another Book Club // Dinner Club (we read this and I brought this) and I lunched with my BFF and explored lovely Northfield, MN. Lovely!

Links!  For you!

I’ve got five openings for September’s Network of Nice.  What do you need help with?

Ohhhh, I absolutely engage in this verbal tic.

A fascinating, long read (written by a Minnesotan) about what it’s like to attend Princeton.

My first semester at Princeton, I had four roommates, who resembled no one I’d ever known: A foppish piano prodigy with a moustache, who dreamed of writing Broadway musical comedies and spent his free hours in robe and slippers, smoking Benson & Hedges Menthol 100s and hunching, vulturelike, over his piano, plinking out show tunes about doe-eyed ingénues who’d been seduced and ruined by caddish millionaires.Wouldn’t this be the perfect dress for fall?  With these boots?

In other ‘Famous Minnesotan’ news: an examination of why Mitch Hedberg’s short, weird jokes were so funny.

This non-animal pet is soooo much cooler than those robot dogs.

I looooved this house tour! (mostly because it mirrors my own spare-ish, overly organized aesthetic)

There’s a lot of buzz that Gumroad is going to kill Paypal.  Have you tried it?  What do you think?

Best nail polish ever?

Oh, but this is thought-provoking and a little terrifying.  How do you define yourself if it’s not through your work or hobbies? (GAHHHH I HAVE NO IDEA.)

Driving ambition might just be a way of staving off the vacuum, rather than a sign of bottomless greed for more when you have enough. An unquenchable passion for work might be a panic-stricken way of concealing the fear of a lack of passion for life itself. If you are what you do, what are you when you stop doing it and you still are?A reminder that analog is still good and useful and important.

These wood and leather iphone wallet/cases are goooorgeous!

This dress would be so, so versatile.12 quotes from comedians about work.

So sweet!  11 untranslatable words from other cultures.

Sooooo helpful!  101 fashion tips and tricks every girl should know.

When things are going really well for me, I frequently think “Who am I to have everything I want?” As such, I appreciated this post on how to deal with ‘The Crack of Doom’

I love these etched apothecary bottles that you can fill with ‘acidic wit’ and ‘creative juices.’

Some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: Mini Travel Guide: Iran, True Story: I’m a Supermodel, How do you stay optimistic?

Hope you had a great week, friends!

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