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Dreams Are Real from Ryan Barger + Katie Akana on Vimeo.

Street harassment in an ideal world.  “I like your shoes!  They look practical but also stylish!”A great post from my girl Rachel about the difference between choosing and being chosen:

I was distinctly uncomfortable with the social dynamic that says that men are the choosers and women are the “chosen” ones. I wanted to be chosen, because it would be an act of affirmation, but I also wanted to choose who I was with. I definitely did not want to be with someone I had not chosen.
Is this t-shirt funny or annoying?
Yes! The Myth of the Effortlessly Perfect Girl.

Pretending that you eat poutine and donuts on the regular while maintaining a size 2 figure (if it’s not true) sends women a message that says we should expect perfection and that this perfection should be effortless and natural. It tells us there’s something wrong with us if we eat whatever we want but don’t have tiny thighs. I’d far rather those women just say: “Yeah, actually I’m hungry all the time. That’s why I’m thin,” than pretend that beauty and thinness is effortless. Because it’s not.
This post is theoretically about ‘how to be a man’ but I think it’s good advice for just about any adult human.I love this classic, basic watch (and it’s a nice break from the ubiquitous gold boyfriend watch everyone is wearing!)

We can hold on to the last bits of summer with this song.

What do think about this iphone cover?  I think it is both awesome and totally ridiculous. (but then this is my phone cover so maybe I shouldn’t be throwing stones.)

A reminder: we don’t need a reason for everything.

My girl Alex shares some wisdom about taking back your power.

15 clever storage solutions!

Oh my, but I love this outfit.  That skirt!

Related: this new clothing line and their lookbook video is adorable.

Things to cook/bake/eat: toasted pecan and blueberry couscous salad, prosciutto and fig salad, a reset button salad.

A reminder that flakiness is deeply, deeply non-awesome.

We need to stop …
: Promising to meet up with friends, family, colleagues, lovers … and then bailing.
: Registering for experiences we can’t really afford … financially, energetically, spiritually, whateverishly.
: Rescheduling, postponing, procrastinating, slipping out the back door … looking for loopholes in the fine print.
: Treating last-minute text messages as an instant escape-hatch … for anything we suddenly decide we don’t wanna do.
: Inconveniencing the people we care about most, because they love us, they’ll understand … and we can “get away” with it.
: Promising (ourselves) that we’ll take a vacation, turn off the computer, hit the yoga mat with a purpose, and then … not doing it.
And some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: How to deal with failure, It’s okay to believe, Fort fantastic.Hope you had a great week, guys!


Lix Hewett

Beauty definitely isn't effortless and it's absolutely harmful to pretend it is when it's not, but as a naturally thin girl who has never watched what she eats (and does, in fact, eat fries and pizza and ice cream and chocolate on a regular basis), I'm really tired of people asking me what I eat like they want me to say, oh, I starve myself for this figure. I don't! I probably wouldn't if I had to. I'm really lazy, which shows in how I rarely wear makeup, for one. But I AM effortlessly thin – and that doesn't make anyone else a lesser person! Your self-esteem and body image shouldn't depend on me being hungry all the time!

(I'd comment on the post you linked, but it's no longer loading.)

– Lix | A Classic Notion


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