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How was your week, guys? I spent Labor Day reading on a rooftop NYC, snuggling high maintenance dogs, and then flying back to St. Paul.  This rest of the week was filled with work catch-up and planning my autumn shenanigans (cabin-renting! Cranfest! Giant Steps! Vegas!)

Annnnyway.  Links!  That’s what you’re here for, right?

I’ve got 2,000+ posts in my archive and in an attempt to organize them, I’m slowly putting them into pretty, easy to navigate Facebook photo albums.  You can see all 43 Mini Travel Guides here! 

A fascinating book from a local author!  The true story of what happens when an U.S. Army psychiatrist is charged supervising the mental well-being of detained Nazis while they awaited trial.

Kelley realized he was being offered the professional opportunity of a lifetime: to discover a distinguishing trait among these arch-criminals that would mark them as psychologically different from the rest of humanity. So began a remarkable relationship between Kelley and his captors, told here for the first time with unique access to Kelley’s long-hidden papers and medical records.
Kelley’s was a hazardous quest, dangerous because against all his expectations he began to appreciate and understand some of the Nazi captives, none more so than the former Reichsmarshall, Hermann Göring. Evil had its charms.
I’d like to cook pretty much every recipe that’s in Lush Loves.

Awesome!  An architecture student converts an old school bus into a traveling home.

In the fall and winter, I wear a lot of black and grey, so I obviously need this colorful bag, right?

A sweet post on the reality of being a daughter and what it means to be a good mom.
I turned out pretty good. I’m a functional adult and most people like me. I pay my own rent and I even eat vegetables every day. I have a career that I adore and a man who delights me. None of this happened by accident. It happened because you built me up when I needed it, you brought me down when I needed it, you told me you loved me when I needed it and you told me I was being a shit when I needed it.

A good idea to keep strawberries fresh.

This is the best wedding video I’ve seen in ages.  Aaaaaages!

Pets + their owners = cute. Every single time.

Such a lovely post – 30 things we never thought we could do – until we did.
11. Play hardball to negotiate for a raise.
12. Teach a roomful of 13-year-olds.
13. Write something that people actually read.
14. Run a half-marathon.
15. Do flying trapeze.
16. Do a 2 hour sweat in a hogan.
17. Break up with someone I love because I know, deep down, they aren’t right for me.

Things to eat/bake/cook: quinoa baked zucchini chips with sriracha dipping sauce, roasted tomatoes with polenta and spinach, fresh fig and almond breakfast cake.

Related: this is the best kitchen purchase I’ve ever made.Great advice for starting a business.
If you can’t wait to get started, you’re onto something. Every time I’ve gotten my best ideas, I get excited. I tell people about it. I might even stay up at night thinking about it. I can’t sit down for long from the excitement.

Fascinating!  How it feels to be an undercover cop.A very important PSA on cultural appropriation.

Why are spaces so haunting when they’re not filled with people?  Abandoned houses in rural Iceland and empty restaurants of New York.

A super interesting interview with Paris Hilton at the height of her fame.
She thinks she’s a pet lover who donates to charity, does not drink or do drugs and hardly ever goes out. “I am not a party person,” says Hilton, blinking her catlike royal-blue eyes. “Mostly I like to spend time with my dogs.” 

This is allegedly for children. I care not. Buying it.

Being a mentor has brought me tons of joy.  If you’re Twin Cities-based and interested in mentoring college-aged women, you should look into LOTT.  It’s an amazing program that “matches young women with mentors who can challenge their abilities, provide resources in their development and serve as role models.” Apply here!

A good reminder that, occasionally, it’s best just to STFU.

Sweet!  Long-haired dudes with fancy up-dos.  French twist FTW!

Some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: How to wear vintage without look costume-y, Mini Travel Guide: Turin, Italy, A personal collection of ‘Wait. What?’ moments.Hope you had a lovely weekend!



BAKED ZUCCHINI CHIPS? Combining my love of all things green and hippie-flavored with my love of… CHIPS?! I love you Sarah Von.

I also love that daughter-to-mother piece; sent it off to my aunt, who's having a tough time with my cousin who doesn't (yet) appreciate the value of tough mom-love.


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