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DESIGN IN FILM: THE MODERN HO– USE from James Munn on Vimeo.

How was your week, friends?  My 11-year-old niece came to visit me for a bit of quality time.  We had sooooo much fun going to the science museum, eating fancy donuts, and dressing the cat in outfits. I’m gunning for the official title of The Cool Aunt.Also!  I’m looking to interview 1-3 South American ladies for my Mornings In ______ series. If that’s you, drop me a line at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org. 

Links for you!

A good reminder if you’re feeling downtrodden about your social media followers: Everybody starts with 50 fans.

I had an annoying Monday (technical difficulties + rain) and went into a sulk.  Then I remembered this video. I spent the next two hours working through this amazing book, writing thank you notes to all the people in my life – and then mailing them.  Bad mood = cured.

I loved this colorful, vintage-filled house tour.

We never know which struggles other people are facing.

And then I swiped my payment method and you lost your patience. It was EBT — “food stamps.”
I did not observe you, but my daughter was with me packing the groceries and saw it all: “EBT: Yeah, right,” you muttered, with that look of disgust that would have shattered someone feeling just a little bit of shame over needing food stamps.
As we walked to the car, my daughter told me what had happened, and I sensed her resolve about having made the right decision to work for social justice as she starts her senior year in a social-work program.I live in the Twin Cities.  It’s pretty great here. (cough.)

Doesn’t this look like the perfect winter coat?

Ha!  What celebrities would look like as normal people.

Whoa. Do you think that giving up drinking would affect your skin?

Yes!  I’ve had similar epiphanies about my living space.

For a long period (a.k.a my 20s), I became an expert at future living. I told myself that I would have pets when I had more space. I would have more people over to dinner, when I had a bigger kitchen. I would take that vacation when I had more time and money. I finally just got tired of waiting until tomorrow to be happy today…A selection of adorable, bat-themed clothing and accessories.

I’m taking part in the Create Freedom In Your Online Life ecourse and so, SO enjoying it!

WWFW? (What would Frida wear?)

My inner 15-year-old realllllly wants this skirt.

Cute wallpapers for your phone and computer!

I make a very active effort to surround myself with inspiring, energizing people.  How do you know when you find the people who are right for you?
Understanding how people affect you means that you can do a better job matching what you need at any given moment to what your energy requires. Sometimes I don’t need to be around excited people. Sometimes I just need another balanced philosopher to do and create my best work.

I loved these photos of clammers. Gorgeous!

A funny, interesting essay from McSweeney’s about working in insurance.
I would stare at the men and women who would come in from Travelers, The Hartford, Aetna, and all of those other insurance companies that made their homes in our city. They all looked smart and strong. They dressed in suits, they wore glasses, and they carried leather briefcases, filled, I just knew, with important documents.

I think it’s important to remember that men face a lot of body scrutiny, too.  What Real Men Look Like In Underwear Ads.

Wouldn’t this be a cute go-to look for fall?

Have you guys heard of Chairish?  It’s an online sales platform selling gorgeous, curated secondhand goods. Like Craiglist BUT A MILLION TIMES BETTER.

As a ‘nearly ginger’ I appreciated this.

I so appreciated Alex’s honesty about her OCD.

A few Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: Things That Are Annoying (Unless You’re The One Doing Them), How to blog if you don’t like writing, 5 travel apps/platforms/programs you probably don’t know about.

Hope you had a great weekend!



Thanks for sharing that story about the woman using food stamps. I just had a similar experience walking past a few homeless in Detroit. The person in front of me said something about getting a job as he walked past. It always angers me – we have no idea why someone is begging for money, on the street, using gov assistance. I'm sure some people abuse the system, but I'm guessing most would choose to be at home rather than sitting in the cold and rain at 2am. All it does it shame them – doesn't help or fix anything. (that turned into quite the rant haha)


Oh gosh, that skirt Sarah!! If I saw one on sale in my size I would probably get it and wear around the house. 😀

Also, you mentioned in a comment on my blog that your friend does concert photography – does she have a blog/website I could check out?



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