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How was your week, guys?  I spent lots of time joyfully assembling my Halloween costume (creepy tooth fairy if you’re interested), speaking at Giant Steps, and today I’m checking out Vocal Essense’s ‘There Was A Child.’  Fun stuff!Links!  (That’s what you’re here for, right?)

Do you try to buy ethically made clothing?  Here’s a great round up companies with ethical policies and practices.

Let’s all drool over the apartments of the 1%.  A swimming pool!  In your apartment!

Somewhat related: a home built during the Cold War Era 26 FEET UNDER GROUND.  With a ‘yard’!

A great mindset.  What if it wasn’t a problem?

Me passing a reflection of myself on my way to the gym: “I can’t believe I work out this often and I still have days when I cringe at my own reflection.”
Pocket: “What if it wasn’t a problem?”
Me: “Oh. I can just be grateful that my body works. That I am loved. That I just got to move my body and feel exhilarated. Maybe how I look isn’t today’s big PROBLEM.”

I like that this dress is family-holiday-appropriate and still makes me think of Beetlejuice.


Things to eat/cook/bake: hot cocoa popcorn, breakfast tacos, chocolate dipped pumpkin donuts that look like cats!

A sweet photo project – teenagers across the US photographing their hometowns.

I loooooved this home tour.  So much color!

Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock because I’d never heard of Atlas Obscura.  Now I want to spend all my free time reading this site.

Two of my favorite people: David Sedaris reading Miranda July.

Doesn’t this dress look sexy AND comfortable? And these tights are so insanely sexy!

Rain drawings?  Awesome.

I’m sure you’ve heard that Chris Brown mentioned in an interview that he had his first sexual experience at age 8 and he credits this with his “sexual prowess.” Or, he was raped.

We know some of the behavioral signals that occur when girls have been raped. Depression, promiscuity, unexplained anger, anxiety. These are words we use when we describe the ways victims behave. It’s interesting that I have seen these same symptoms in young boys—alongside me in class when I was a child, in boyfriends as I got older, in men beside me on the bus in Chicago—yet no one looks at male anger and male promiscuity as symptoms of anything. These are just classic male behaviors. “Boys will be boys,” and boys sleep around. Boys have bad tempers. Right?

A helpful, scientific guide about how to say ‘no’.

Yes!  How to travel alone without ruining your relationship!

A few things from the Yes and Yes archives you might have missed: How to do things by yourself and actually enjoy them. How to buy happiness (for $5 or less), Mini Travel Guide: Dubai.

I hope you had a lovely weekend!


Samantha Kimble

Thank you for the links. The Chris Brown article was powerful. He is a hard person for me to find compassion for, but that article was a reminder that sometime the hardest people to like are that way because how much they have suffered in their life.


I'm going to be a creepy tooth fairy for Halloween too! Well, I'm going to be a regular fairy in the early evening, when I hand out candy to my neighborhood trick-or-treaters, THEN I'm putting on the necklace of teeth and splattering on some blood.


Those apartments are more than the top 1% (according to 2010 tax returns, the top 1% make a combined income of $369,691). So, the pool inside of the apartment? Probably belongs to the top 0.15%. Those apartments cost millions of dollars.


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