Life Has Big Plans For You

Even if thing have been horrible, life has big plans for you. Somewhere, the clouds are gathering and forces are aligning to make life amazing for you. >>
We all know life can be less-than-easy.

We have stressful jobs that grate and chafe.
We go on first dates that don’t go anywhere. We stay in almost-right relationships that need to be ended.
We experience friendships that drain and showers that don’t.
Somewhere, the person you will be with and love foreverandeveramen is sitting down with a therapist to (finally) work through those issues. They’re starting to think about signing up for that online dating site.
They’re willing to actually listen when their friend tells them – for the fifth time – that they’ve got someone to set them up with. (You.)
Somewhere, the CEO of your dream company is thinking “You know, we really need to hire a few more people.” Someone is typing up a job description for your fantasy job – for which you are perfectly qualified. Someone is vacating a position that would be the right fit for you.

Somewhere, there’s an empty spot on a trivia team that only you can fill.

There’s a girls’ night out that needs someone who’s going shout “This is my jam!” and run onto an empty dance floor.

There’s a dreamy corner apartment that’s about to be vacated.

There’s a sweet little puppy that someone just found in a parking lot – and he’s waiting for you at the animal shelter.

Maybe these things aren’t quite ready. ย Maybe it’ll be a few more weeks (or months or years) before they’re ripe. ย But don’t worry. ย They’re coming.

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You. Are. The. Best !! Yeah ! There…I said IT !!!
I`ll print this and read it every morning… the best part is that I really believe IT and happened to me soooo many times…no : All the Time !
Thank you


"Friendships that drain and showers that don't" cracked me up. What a perfect little summary of the things we don't need. Thanks for a little inspiration on a Tuesday.

Sarah Von Bargen

So, so glad you guys enjoyed this! This was inspired by several conversations I've had with friends about their relationships and how timing is everything. A year ago, he wasn't ready to date and she was with someone else. But six months ago they were starting to think about how they were ready for something new…. you never know what life has planned for you!


"First dates that don't go anywhere and almost-right relationships that have to be ended."

Oh, man. This is exactly where I've been for the last month. &somewhat oddly, this next sentence is incredibly encouraging & comforting.

"Somewhere, the person you will be with and love foreverandeveramen is sitting down with a therapist to (finally) work through those issues."

Thanks, Sarah, for always keepin' it real & yet still putting out that positive vibe.

Kate K

Aww man, I really needed this. *does the special blinkblinkblink of the teary eyed* I'm currently in a relationship that really needs to change (and probably end) but I'm struggling to actually change it. Partly because I still believe that it can be fixed but mostly because I can't imagine my life without this relationship. Because if this isn't my person, who the heck is? But you're right–imagine the possibilities of what could be on its way instead.

To end on a happy anecdote: One of my best friends had struggled through really horrible dates and her friends wanted to set her up with their friend, Chris. She just kept avoiding it (out of fear–fear of it not working out and also fear of it actually working) until she did online dating for almost a year. She said that experience wore her down so much that when her friends once again suggested she meet Chris, she said "Why not? It can't be any worse than online dating." ๐Ÿ™‚ They ended up hitting it off, had a whirlwind courtship, and married last year.

Sarah Von Bargen

Yes! Several friends of mine spent yeaaaaars toiling through online dating and go-nowhere 2-3 month relationships. Then one day, they met their person and after two dates they knew. A month prior they didn't even know the other existed and now? They're together forever. What a difference a day makes ๐Ÿ™‚


Thank you for this– I recently wrote about taking charge of my November and resetting some habits (after your Every Damn Day post), and this post here is making me feel better about some heart ache. How do you know?!


I talk about waiting for relationships as a waiting for the bus metaphor. There's all these buses that are going in the wrong direction as you wait for one going the right way. Sometimes, the bus is going in the right direction, but not the right destination. And sometimes you have to get off a bus because the driver's getting pulled over or something. All this time, it feels like a million of the wrong buses are around you, none of the right ones. And then all of a sudden…you're on the right bus going to the right destination (sometimes slower/faster than preferable, but meh) and you never even notice the other buses anymore.


Thank you for this! Trying to keep positive about the future can be so hard, sometimes you need a nice reminder.


Y'know, I have an easier time hoping than I do "getting." I have an easier time believing something could happen than accepting it when it starts to. Right now, my life's got some new positives in it- I just finally got a car again after a few years without, and the guy I care about most just told me he cares about me and wants to start working on a relationship together. And I am really, really happy about both things, but there's part of me that has so much fear that as soon as I get used to the idea it's all gonna go away. And here I am commenting on a blog about it for no discernible reason. I guess maybe I want to keep hoping when good things are happening to me, y'know?


I've been reading your blog for years, and after hundreds of wonderful posts, this might actually be a favorite. This was exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you for being you!

Creole Wisdom

Yes. Yes. Yes! I believe this with my whole heart. I've had just a taste of adult life to look back and see how the crisis moments were all part of the moving forward.


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