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How was your week, guys? I had drinks and coffees and lunches with lots of lovely people, popped up north for some pre-birthday fun for my mom, and then attended a baby shower for my super sweet friend Christina.Also!  Are we friends on Facebook?  I’ve prettily (and dorkily) organized all my Mini Travel Guides and How-To posts into photo albums so you can see everything in one place.

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Now!  Links!

This wallpaper is so understated and pretty!

Welp, these earrings are The Cutest. And these are creepy/cute, too!

Things to bake/cook/eat: pear cornmeal cake with rosemary syrup, 10 delicious soups, painfully cute totoro spam musubi, pumpkin almond butter red curry noodle tangle.

As you probably know, my longhaired black cat is the star of his own calendar.  Here’s another terribly photogenic longhaired black cat.

There is no secret path to greatness.

We overestimate the skill & we underestimate the stamina.
Julie Andrews’ voice propelled her to stardom, but in her words, “singing has never been particularly easy for me.” She was not blessed with such immense vocal prowess that she could bypass intensive practice sessions throughout her career. “As my mother said, I never sprang out of bed with a glad shout. My voice needed oiling and then it took off.”

I would like this hairstyle now, please.

So helpful!  A cheapskate guide to visiting NYC.

Stripes + cute collar + sheer panel = probably my dream dress.

I love this Annie Hall-inspired outfit.

This article about luxury goods purchases among lower socioeconomic groups is fascinating and important.

It took half a day but something about my mother’s performance of respectable black person — her Queen’s English, her Mahogany outfit, her straight bob and pearl earrings — got done what the elderly lady next door had not been able to get done in over a year. I learned, watching my mother, that there was a price we had to pay to signal to gatekeepers that we were worthy of engaging. It meant dressing well and speaking well. It might not work. It likely wouldn‘t work but on the off chance that it would, you had to try. It was unfair but, as Vivian also always said, “life isn’t fair little girl.”

Somewhat related: on being ‘those people.’  The ones who use the food shelf.

A good reminder.

Everyday objects turned into whimsical illustrations.  Cute!

I love everything about this room.

I love this sugar spoon.

The cutest cat-related GIF you’ll see this week.

A high-fashion interpretation of Disney characters. (I would totally wearing Cinderella’s outfit!)

Looking to bulk up your resume or portfolio?  Volunteer your web development/marketing/event planning/grant writing skills to help Africa Jam.  Good cause + good work experience for you = win/win, right?

I love tiny houses and tiny spaces.  This website is devoted to selling (and renting!) tiny homes!

I love the mix of old and new in this house tour.  And that big purple feather wall art!

Yes!  A social worker wanted to help the needy – so she became an auto mechanic.

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Hope you had a great week!


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