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Friends!  How was your week?  As you read this, I’m in Las Vegas for a long weekend of debauchery with Ms. Franzen.  We saw this awesome/hilarious show, visited the neon sign museum, and lots of other shenanigans.  So much fun!  I’ll be writing up a post about all the things you can do in Las Vegas if you’re not interested in gambling.

Now!  Links. 

I’m looking for new True Story interviews.  Can you help me with any of these

Have you seen 1-2 simple cooking?  Super healthy, simple recipes for singles and couples.
A ‘controversial’ ad for an Indian jewelry company – featuring a dark-skinned, single mom in a relationship with a loving man who respects her and her daughter.
A pet in costumes?  You’re speaking my language, Anna. (Also: this pug’s name is Mama Biscuit. AMAZING.)
Is it possible to actually feel sexier after you have a baby?
I caught a glimpse of myself going by the window of the wine store, in my jeans and my low-cut top, and I looked hot. Nice boobs, I thought. Nice ass. Nice hair. Nice whole woman. No one ever talks about this part. About how you might be sexy. About how you might end up sexier, for having done this crazy thing with your body. For having learned to give it a high five for everything it can do. For transforming. For not having to care as much. For wearing jeans again. For everything.

Solved! The Dum Dums mystery flavor!

This clutch is funny/cute.

What are we looking for when we’re constantly pawing through our emails and social media accounts?

Since we’re entering ‘layering weather’ – I love these.  Okay, and these.

Let’s all buy this gorgeous zine devoted to famous ladies of literature.

These engagement photos are awesome (scroll down to the flying cheeseburgers).
So interesting! The opposite trajectories of Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence wins the Best Actress Oscar, trips on the stairs, and becomes America’s undisputed Best Friend Forever. It is hard to overstate how important her personality is to this equation; people see her interviews and then want to see her movies. But her non-franchise movies are also more accessible (and successful!) than Stewart’s, and she is comfortable in situations that made Stewart want to disappear, be they press junkets or major studio films. (Stewart could never convince anyone to see her tiny passion projects, and her press identity hewed too close to her Twilight character: fidgety, wan, dating Robert Pattinson.) Freed of her Twilight obligation, Stewart quietly breaks up with Robert Pattinson and barely appears in public.

The perfect dress for next Halloween (or anytime you’re feeling creepy.)Cute and comfy or ridiculous?

Things to eat/bake/cook: Spinach quinoa feta tomato salad, chocolate and cherry liqueur fondue, cozy cold weather recipes, breakfast pasta with bacon and poached eggs.

I’d love to buy this gorgeous photo book – photographing ancient cultures before they pass away.

Are you a designer or visual artist?  You should check out the home/apartment exchange Behomm!

I love the look of this home. So much leather!  And texture!  It’s spare but still warm and inviting.

A good tip if you have to do an interview via Skype!


Helpful!  Etsy shop photography – advice for new shop owners.

I love this perfectly styled teeny, tiny apartment.

Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: The best travel makeup bag. Period. End of story., True Story: I’m bi-polar, The bad/break rule.

Hope you had a great week, guys!

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Whit B Nimble

These posts are always the best AND I just opened my first Etsy shop this weekend. I feel like you're speaking to me Sarah. Oh! Don't forget to add the Pinball Hall of Fame to your Vegas list. (Smashing on handfuls of Hot Tamales and playing on vintage pinball machines anyone?)


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