Be (Slightly) Better At The Holiday Season

Now that we’ve polished off the Thanksgiving leftovers, we can safely call it Holiday Season. I’ve got lots of cool content coming your way (Ethically-sourced gifts, New Year’s meals from around the world, thoughtful, unique gift ideas, holiday decor for lazy people – or people who hate holiday decor) but I wanted to point you towards some of the helpful stuff I’ve got in my archives.

Thanks for making Yes and Yes part of your holiday season – hope yours is treating you well!



I'm about to start my gifting, with much trepidation (and the help of a Workflowy bulleted list, thankyouverymuch) and these are super fab! The usable-consumable list is evergreen… love!


I am working on accomplishing 30 random acts of kindness before my 30th birthday. One idea I saw was to give a blogger positive feedback. Yes and Yes is my #1 most favorite blog, so here it is. This post is a good example of why I heart your site! I love the ideas on self-improvement & giving back to others & just the overall vibe of randomness & fun. Of course, there is also the fact I share your affinity for travel/ vegetarianism/ & cats in costumes! Thank you for what you write & always providing uplifting & interesting content. I appreciate it! You're awesome, Sarah. Yay. πŸ˜€


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