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Did you guys enjoy your holiday break?  I snuggled my nieces, went tubing, saw this fantastic movie, and spent a lot of time putting things through the food processor I got for Christmas.Links for you!
If your mom dropped the ball and didn’t get you the Puss In Books calendar you wanted, never fear!  You can buy one for yourself!

I loved this house tour – so bright and warm!

Do you book your hotels online?  Check out Tingo – if the price of your hotel room drops after you book it, they’ll refund you the difference!

Welp, this is adorable.

Never have I so wanted an umbrella!  WHY DO YOU HAVE TO SNOW ALL THE TIME, MINNESOTA?

Latest lady crush: Marissa Mayer – Yahoo’s new CEO.

It might also strike you that the paradox of being both glamorous and a geek explains Mayer’s rapid progress in reviving what only a year ago looked like a moribund giant. Before her arrival in July of last year, Yahoo was being written off by the tech industry, investors, even its own staff. A series of failed CEOs—non-techies from Hollywood, advertising, and finance—had gotten little purchase on the fading technology brand. It was far from clear that a six-months-pregnant, 37-year-old Google engineer and first-time CEO could remove the air of irony that had attached itself to Yahoo’s purple exclamation point.
Jewelry that fits with my ‘fancy weirdo’ aesthetic.Things to make/eat/bake: Pomegranate ice, pear cranberry arugula salad, quinoa quesadillas, mushroom farro soup, self-saucing chocolate cake with bourbon creme fraiche (!!!)

Wowza. A fashion blog that I am newly obsessed with.

I love everything in this Etsy shop.

Have you ever said anything like this? Or been on the receiving end?


Fontaine was the younger sister of Oscar-winning actress Olivia de Havilland, with whom she endured one of the longest-running sibling feuds on record. Their rivalry began in childhood and was encouraged by their ambitious stage mother.

The rupture deepened over the decades, with spats over movie roles and the attention of powerful men such as oil magnate and film producer Howard Hughes. When de Havilland wed the five-time married novelist Marcus Goodrich in 1946, Fontaine reputedly quipped, “It’s too bad that Olivia’s husband has had so many wives and only one book.”Want to 2014 to be different than 2013?  Here are 7 steps to make that happen.

I don’t even have an iphone and I want this!

I loved Rachel Hills’ piece on how women should stop trying apologizing for their ambition and drive in an attempt to make themselves more appealing.

Am I too old for these?  Or this? I hope not.

Let’s hang this print somewhere we can see it.

Have you ever dated someone who you felt was “too nice”?  Well,
a) We’ve all been there
b) I’d urge you to attempt to get over that foolishness
c) I’d encourage you to read this

This is a phase. You’re getting serious. People have cold feet when they get serious. There is a difference between I HATE THIS RELATIONSHIP cold feet, and “Oh God, he’s humming that song again, he is such a repugnant dork. I want Idris Elba instead!” Just because you have an overactive, brutal head doesn’t mean that your heart wants him gone. I think your heart knows he matches you. The matching might be awkward and uncomfortable for you right now, but it’s real. He is not an escape, like a “bad boy” is. He is right here, right now, human, normal, flawed.Some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: How to give a great compliment, True Story: I’m an egg donor, If it’s not on the internet – did it happen?

Hope you had a great Christmas, friends!



The 8 year old pro – skateboarder is awesome! And reminds us that we can do anything, at any AGE!

And the 7 steps to make 2014 great, thank you! After such a year of struggle, I needed that! And plan on doing those 7 steps, today!

Happy New Year!


Aw, the fancy weirdo jewelry link is missing. I LOVE the occasional fancy weirdo style series; any chance you still have the link squirreled away somewhere, Sarah?

Also, thanks for the article on Marissa Mayer. I remember when she took the helm at Yahoo there were many articles about how she forced the (many) work-at-home employees back to the office, which raised a lot of questions about flex time, respect for workers, etc. I'm pleased to see that her changes may have ended up saving their jobs.


It's pretty much safe to say that 'Secret Life' just changed my life. I thought it was a beautiful film. It's come at a good time in my life when I decided that 2014 was the year that I start pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Also, The Hijablog! OMG! Stunning. I'm definitely going to start following her. Thanks! It's the last WTW of 2013! Where did this year go?


That Rachel Hills piece was fantastic! Short and directly to the point! I copied out the last bit of it and have it above my desk now.


Umm your Christmas was scarily like my Christmas – I spent much time hugging my little nephew, niece and gorgeous cousins, saw Walter Mitty with my Mum and processed a heap of things in my new blender. Except I did all that in 30C+ degree heat – you should come hang out for an Aussie Christmas next year!


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