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How was your week, friends?  Mine was gloriously quiet.  I worked a million, revelled in the fact that I don’t have to commute (we had a huuuuuge snowstorm) and attended a monster-truck rally with a big group of friends, just like last year.

Anyway! Links! We’ve got a lot this week. 
I have a cape and I can never figure out how to style it.  Here’s how.Other things I can’t seem to pull off? Turbans. Jessie figured it out.

I love the piece of art hanging over Ashley’s bed.  “You are my bucket list” indeed.

Are you type-A? Then you’ll love this round up of 2014 planners.

7 things I learned in 7 years of reading, writing, and living.

Be generous. Be generous with your time and your resources and with giving credit and, especially, with your words. It’s so much easier to be a critic than a celebrator. Always remember there is a human being on the other end of every exchange and behind every cultural artifact being critiqued. To understand and be understood, those are among life’s greatest gifts, and every interaction is an opportunity to exchange them.

I’m always telling my clients that they need to create how-tos and tutorials for their blogs.  Want to know how to film and photography those tutorials so people will forward them to all their friends?

A good reminder.

Welp, now I want to go to Lisbon.

This perpetual calendar is perfect for the type-A in your life.  Related: a cute notebook set.

Do you have a cocktail enthusiast in your life (dur, obviously.) Your gift-buying just got really easy.

I bet your best friend or sister wants one of these necklaces for Christmas.

This is the funniest Zappos product description I’ve seen in ages. (It’s a response to a Kayne rant)

Yup. I love Rachel Hills.

I’ve never been overly concerned with whether people call themselves feminists. I’m more interested in debranding feminism than I am in rebranding it.
It’s not that I don’t want the movement to connect with people, so much as that I want people to connect with feminism for its ideas and insights – not because “OMGZ being a feminist is the coolest thing ever, and you should totally jump on board if you have a vagina.”

Funny and creepy.

Such a cute dress!

This gem-shaped soap would make a great stocking stuffer.

Yes. Why it’s smart to court your friends.

“I thought: ‘She’ll think I want to be friends with her because she’s Miranda July,’” Heti writes. “But I felt a real human connection and decided not to look at the world that way. I had this instinct that we had a lot to say to each other. So I took a leap of faith and emailed Miranda.”

A good print for you (or your anxious friend)

A winter coat that will stand out among all that grey and houndstooth.

I’m a vegetarian and even I can admit that bacon-wrapped turkey sounds amazing.

Plum Vanilla Crumble Bars?  Twist my arm whydoncha?  And doesn’t this salad look great?

I want to buy everything from Jo Gordon.

Hope you had a good weekend, friends!


Girliest Nerd

I'm probably just weird but I find the doll pic really disturbing. I saw a documentary once about adult women who collect dolls, which at first I thought was a bit silly. Then I realized they had babies who had died and had made the dolls look like their baby. It was one of the saddest, most disturbing things I've seen. That's all I can think of when I see that picture now. It probably didn't help that I saw the documentary right after I'd had a baby.

Just looked around and found it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzEqYhUZAoc It was from the BBC -"Reborn Baby Dolls". Interesting but deeply disturbing.


I'm saying this out of love and respect for everyone on here, including Sarah Von Bargen, but I have to say this as a person of color, because it seems lately that cultural appropriation is becoming a common problem in North America. Please think twice before deciding to wear a turban accessory if you do not wear one for cultural or religious purposes. I know turbans have been used as a fashion accessory by white women for a very long time but think about this. A Gap ad in a subway was recently vandalized with racial slurs because the man in the ad was a dark skinned Sikh man with a full beard wearing a turban. If a white woman wears a turban she is not discriminated against…do you find that fair? Now, whatever skin colour you are, if you need to wear one for religious or cultural purposes, as I said by all means I think you should wear one. But if you are just wearing one to make a fashion statement I beg of you to please think about what you are doing to the people of color who are wearing them for reasons that are much deeper than that. Your white privilege (the fact that in this society a white person is much less likely to be discriminated against based on race than a person of color) is allowing you to wear that turban without discriminatory repercussions when someone else who really needs to wear it is likely to feel those repercussions. When we all stop to think about how even something that might seem small can hurt someone else, we make huge steps in helping to improve the equality of this great nation. Thank you for reading this and hearing me out.

Stacia, the Homey Owl

How did you know I wanted to learn how to make chicken stock today?! haha. I'm serious, though. 😉

I've always wondered about how to wear capes, too, and that post was super adorable and helpful!


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