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How was your New Year’s Eve and weekend, friends?  I party-hopped around the Twin Cities and attempted to impress people with raspberry champagne jello shots.  This weekend my dude and I crossed ‘sleep in a fishhouse’ of my New Things list by crashing is a swanky mini-house on the ice with North Country Guide Service.

Anyway!  Links!

I’ve got heaps of space in January’s Network of Nice.  What can we help you with?  Want to make new friends? Need advice about travel/school/etc? Anything that’s not Google-able is fair game!

I’m going to Alaska in February (!) to watch the Iditarod and I splashed out on a pair of these after hearing raaaave reviews from multiple friends.  I’ll let you know how they hold up!
This house tour of a tiny beach house is adorable!Well, isn’t this clever? A vending machine for art lovers on a budget Alex and I saw machines like this during our trip to Vegas!

This is haunting and interesting – short interviews with eight different people, of different ages, about their biggest regret.
But I find it horrible now that wherever I live, one set of grandparents will always be hopelessly distant. Expense, distance, and the awfulness of air travel sometimes making the journey seem impossible.

Let’s add this word to our lives + vocabularies.

I love the neckline on this dress.

As someone who travels every year to escape Minnesota’s six months of winter, I love the Danish concept of hygge and I’ve actively trying to incorporate it more into my life.
“you can hygge by curling up on the sofa with a good book” — and as an adjective by converting it to “hyggeligt” (HYU-gah-lee). It generally has a social component, but there are wide-ranging interpretations across Denmark, allowing it to describe anything from a person or a building to an abstract ambience or sentiment. And for Danes who travel or move to America, the lack of a clear English translation can feel linguistically limiting.


Listen to all the best songs of 2013 (according to Pitchfork) in one big playlist.

This would have been perfect for my NYE’s outfit!

Are you an idea-holic? Here’s how to harness all that energy and actually doooooo stuff.

Fascinating! A travel photo journal from North Korea. It looks totally different than what I was imagining!

I think one of the last forms of ‘acceptable’ bias is shaming southerners and people from rural backgrounds. This post made me grit my teeth. Based on the comments, I wasn’t the only one.

Hottest women who are also absolute geniuses! Hedy Lamar invented and patented a method of radio wave transmission that would aid in the guidance of radio-guided torpedoes?!

I’m going to see this in April and I’ll probably die of joy.

This is sad, interesting, helpful. How To Survive A Christmas With Your Hoarding Mother.

Do not go shopping with her. If you’re anything like me, you can’t say no to your mother wanting to buy you a wind-up music box of Snoopy and Woodstock doing some jaunty Christmas dancing because of the special place in your heart they hold from happier, cleaner times. On the surface, this seems like a totally okay thing: the hoarder gets the excitement of buying something, but the thing doesn’t add to the clutter, because you’ll be whisking it away to another state in a few days. Ha ha, says the universe, because what happens is, she asks to keep it. And now you and that darling music box have become part of the problem.

I loved this list of 101 resolutions you can actually keep.

If one of your resolutions this year is to engage in more ethical fashion choices, you should read this.

Some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: The Fun of Failure, How To Help A Friend, True Story: I was a phone sex worker.

Hope you had a lovely weekend and NYE, guys!



Oh my days. And that article is why I don't read Jezebel. Perhaps now I'm stereotyping? It seems that every time I'm linked to that site it's for something bad.

Great list of links again as always Sarah!


i had never before heard of hygge but WOW. that is exactly how i want my life and home to feel! also, i have those boots, and they're SO warm and sturdy, and cute!


I see you are heading to Alaska in February for the Iditarod. I live in Alaska and it's one of my highlights of each year, 53 days to go!


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