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How was your week, guys? I  I’m leaving for three weeks in Mexico on Tuesday (!!!) so I’ve mostly been tying up loose ends, cleaning, organizing, and pre-scheduling a million blog posts. I did find time to attend this amazing concert. Classical music!  It can be engaging!  Who knew?Also!  Mr. Zuckerberg has changed his algorithm again so even if we’re friends on Facebook, you’re probably not seeing most of the Yes and Yes updates.  Now small business owners have to pay to show our stuff to the people who have opted to follow us.  Thanks, Mark.
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Links!  For you!

After five years and writing hundreds of About pages for clients, I fiiiiinally rewrote mine. Thoughts?

Wow.  I love this house tour!  They do such a good job incorporating their travel souvenirs into the decor!

A lot of people ask me how to get their start freelance writing.  I’ve been getting paid to write since I was 20 and from now on, I’ll just be pointing everyone who asks about it here.

I’m exactly the sort of try hard who brings hostess gifts. Wouldn’t these little soaps be perfect?

I love a good ‘fancy sweatshirt.’

Do you really ‘get’ accessories?  I pretty much just wear 1 of 3 bangles and tie all my scarves the same way. Maybe I’d benefit from this accessorization workshop?

I know I’m definitely guilty of telling myself I ‘deserve’ all varieties of ‘treats’ after a hard day.  When does that excuse run dry?

The notion of a system of self-rewards means making tiny deliberations with myself. One pitch that I knock out of the park is a pencil skirt that I’ll wear to a job interview not yet secured. A day that ends in tears and a succession of cigarettes smoked in frustration on my roof deserves a full-price copy of The Most of Nora Ephron, purchased in a fit of pique at the bookstore across the street. These purchases are bandaids, an attempt at staunching the flow of anxiety and unease. Without the reward system inherent in most jobs, where people show their appreciation in ways big and small, I have devised my own way of generating that valuable bounty.Want to be miserable?  Here are 14 habits you can adapt if you want to feel sad and malcontent all the time.

This would be a sweet dress for Valentine’s day. With these boots.

Ooooh!  The 38 most hauntingly abandoned places on earth!

So wonderfully doable. 5 easy health ideas that will change your life.

Book mark this for next Christmas (or for birthdays/mother’s day/father’s day) – a no-buy gift guide.

I loved this.  How I got over my obsession with having a traditional, ‘perfect’ engagement.

Finally, after one epic, tear-filled fight when my boyfriend refused to propose once again, I tore the ring pictures off my vision board and shredded the flimsy paper, strewing it across the floor. I stared at the defaced board. Strips of rubber cement dangled off it. Pieces of foam had been gouged out. It was supposed to represent all the positive things that I wanted to cultivate in my life. I glared at the jagged holes and sobbed.

My inner forth grader is soooo into this – an ancient city discovered underwater.

I’ve been falling in love with Kate’s writing recently and this post (I resolve nothing) is no exception.

I think making care kits for people who are homeless would be a great project to do with kids or friends. So lovely.

I’ve been looking for a good swimsuit to bring to Mexico.  How many dollars will you give me if I wear this?

If you, like me, don’t eat much meat this roundup of vegetarian cookbooks is an embarrassment of riches.

I spent Christmas and New Year’s of 2011 in Nepal so I obviously loved these surreal photographs.

 A great collection of DIY projects to try now that it’s cold-stay-inside-season.

Some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: You’re not a fraud, I promise., Are guys intimidated by my awesome?,  True Story: I’m a Sex Worker

Hope you had a lovely weekend, guys!  I can’t wait to tell you all about Tulum. 



I always love the variety in your links 🙂 Have a fun time in Mexico and have a margarita (or ten) for me!


The video is hysterical.

I opened your about page and was assaulted with a very loud Dexter advertisement. I couldn't find where it was coming from on the page, but it happened 3x. You might want to look into that with your sponsors/advertisers.


I met one of the underwater archaeologists working at Heracleion when he gave a talk at my school. I nerded out HARD and he was pretty easy on the eyes too *sigh*

Robyn Petrik

Great links here, thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the link to all the vegetarian cookbooks especially. It's so nice to find other people who (I believe?) adapt more of a 'flexitarian' diet. Cheers!


Your new "about me" section is great! The only thing I noticed was that the text over your first picture with your quote "yes is more fun than no…" is really hard to read in white. The "you too?" part is white on white, maybe change the color?

Love reading your blog!


ALSO, thanks for reminding me how much I uncontrollably LOVE "Build Me Up Buttercup!" Do you recognize that freeway interchange from your L.A. field trips? 😀

Kitty Cat Stevens

love the new about page! i think they are such an important part of blogs so I love reading them. i finally re-wrote mine and now I have one i like— it's such a good feeling, huh?

and i don't know why i always click through to a post called "web time wasters" … no obvious good can come of it 😉


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