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What did you guys get up to for Valentine’s Day?  I threw a Gal-entine’s Day party for 20 (!) of my favorite ladies, and then my dude and I hunkered down for the weekend in this sweet little getaway. So lovely!  Now I’m in packing/traveling mode again, getting ready for ten days in Alaska with my cousin, David Sedaris and the sled dogs of the Iditarod!

Links for you!

Want to be happier?  Here are ten ways to do that, backed up by science.

Because I’m fascinated by maps, culture, travel, I loved this map of the 124 United States that could have been. Southern Illinois would be ‘Little Egypt’?

This would stand out in a sea of black peacoats.

Four adorable animals: a nearly-sneezing bunny, a frog and her blueberry, a bernese puppy and his lemon, a pet skunk in onesies.

I looooove this dining room.

Oh, god.  This post was so good, I hunted down the author’s blog, read four pages of archives and ordered her book from the library.

You know Cards Against Humanity, right? What about Ladies Against Humanity?

Wonderful things to make/cook/bake: salted chocolate dipped mandarin slices, 21 ways to take mashed potatoes to the next level, soba noodles with peanut dressing.

This is nice. Mary-Kate and Ashley cast a 65-year-old model for their latest campaign.

I was living with a long-term boyfriend when I was 23, so I can’t really point fingers, but here are 23 things to do instead of getting engaged at 23.

If your love is truly eternal, what’s the rush? If it’s real, that person will continue to be committed to you two months from now, two years from now, and two decades from now. Grow, learn, travel, party, cuddle, read, explore. Do. Freaking. Something… other than “settle down” at 23 with a white picket fence.
Because you owe it to yourself. You are a human being that deserves to thrive inside AND outside of a relationship.Famous writers and their relationships with booze.

Don’t you think we could recreate this with some heavy gauge wire and a needle-nose pliers?

Such a pretty dress!

FASCINATING. A ‘Bachelor’ ex-contestant spills the beans about the reality of the show.

5. It’s not as glamorous as it seems.
Bunk beds, cramped living quarters, and tiny bathroom areas (only two for 25 girls!) makes living in the Bachelor mansion not as alluring as its title may make it seem. “We have to do our own cooking, our own laundry… We do everything you would do when you’re at home, except be able to go outside of your home,” Hughes said. And all of the clothes, hair supplies, and makeup are brought in from home, so it’s up to the women to look presentable for the cameras. “It’s a lot of suitcases,” she added.I thought Hmong students for years when I was an ESL teacher and hiked through their villages in Vietnam. Their handiwork is amazing and this Etsy shop is filled with gorgeous things.

My sister was adopted from Korea, so I was really interested in Confessions of An Adoptee.

Cat furniture, cat selfies, cat shoes.

Hope you had a lovely week!



Wow, was that really Huffington Post or did someone rip off a Thought Catalog post?

"I have begun to notice a common thread amongst all these young unions: inexperience. Inexperience with dating, traveling, risks, higher education, career direction, SEX, solitude, religious exploration, etc… and it's insane that I have already experienced more of the world in the last 22 years than my married peers will ever experience in their life."

Ugh that is such a terrible attitude. Yes congratulations you're sooo much better and more ~worldly~ than those married people, they'll never do anything! Ever! Because when someone gets married the Bureau of No Fun After the Wedding revokes their passport, thoughts, work ethic, risk-taking, ability to learn etc. Yikes.

When will people stop thinking that marriage stops someone's personal growth and ability to do things? And that not every early-20s person will travel, have lots of sex partners etc regardless of their relationship status?

All the activities mentioned have a lot more to do with the actual person, and very little to do with marriage.


I agree wholeheartedly – as an almost-23-year-old, I do cringe when high school friends get married. But it's because *I* can't imagine being married yet. Which doesn't mean that *they* shouldn't get married. Who am I to judge? So best of luck to everyone on the choices they decide to make, and I hope it works out for the better regardless of what happens. This article came across as terribly negative and judgey – why the need to write it?


I am so glad I'm not friends with the woman who wrote that article, she sounds like a fucking nightmare. sorry peaches, not gonna trade my loving relationship of 20 years for a few months of 'dating two people at once and seeing when it blows up'. Don't get married until you feel you're ready, if at all, obvs, but I got engaged at 22, married at 24, and in the 11 years I've been married, my husband and I have travelled, lived abroad, and started businesses and blogs and hobbies. He supported me (emotionally and financially) when I went back to school at 28. It's not always easy. I had to do some necessary/painful growing up within my marriage instead of before it, which led to awful times, but we fought through it. I sometimes get the old 'wild oats' feeling, but that's more to do with the new car vs. old car feel in the AWESOME samantha Irby hookup article. ( I DO want her to be my friend) Other than dating and breaking up with a few other dudes before finding 'the one,' I don't feel like I've missed out on a thing. And I eat nutella out of the jar whenever I fucking please.


Great links as usual! I'm listening to the talk right now and am finding myself relating to her a lot. Scary decisions=best decisions! And the states that could have been map is really interesting.

Jamie Pilgrim

I love the Bri Emery video. I started following her blog a couple months ago and she is so ispirational! This video was such a treat to see her life process!

Thanks for these wonderful "time wasters"! Enjoy the Iditarod! I know someone who's been training dogs the past few months for the race, so I'm (for once) actually a little interested in the race this year. Being there to experience it must be great!

Memoirs of a Pilgrim


OMG, when I read your first paragraph I thought you were saying David Sedaris is your cousin and I about died of cousin envy. After re-reading it three times I remembered how commas work and realized my mistake. I'm still super jealous though. I hope you have a great time in Alaska! I went to Alaska one summer and got to ride on a dog sled with Iditarod dogs at their summer training camp and it was so much fun. I think you'll love it. The dogs are so eager and cute.


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