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While I’m in Mexico, I asked some of my internet friends to curate some cool links for you!
Hey there- I’m Cristina and I love productivity, cultivating happiness, solopreneurship, and Twitter (amongst tons of other things). I’m thrilled to be curating a Web Time Wasters roundup and have been on the lookout for good content for weeks now!
As a former hippie schooler and homeschooler, I loved this Upworthy video about a kid who has hacked his education to fit his interests.
Wondering why some people handle change better than others? Ariane De Bonvoisin talks about the secrets of those who positively navigate change in this long but worthwhile video.
Love every single podcast and blog post from Go Fire Yourself.
Love the concept of living in the grey.
In your pursuit of positivity, are you shaming others (or yourself!) for being sad?
I do believe in social etiquette, mind you, and I’m not advocating complaining without boundaries. I’m not going to walk into a crowded bar and unload on a stranger, but I will speak up if I’m in a safe space confiding in someone I thought cared about me and their first response is to shame me for my sadness.
I just learned about what distinguishes confit from other cooking methods on Serious Eats.
According to this site, 71% of people tried to complete a challenge to be happy for 100 days but failed because of “lack of time.” Do you have time to be happy?
I have learned to cultivate joy and peace in each breath, even though I feel that pain. You have to do them both at the same time. It’s like a garden: You have to take care of the weeds, but you also have to plant flowers. If you only weed, you’ll be exhausted and lose hope. And if you plant enough flowers, eventually there will be less room for all the weeds. 
Looking for quick tips for blogging and social media? Allyssa of The Barn Blog has some awesome ones.

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Angel Y.

There are so many amazing links in this roundup! I'm definitely taking full advantage of all of the great posts here. I loved that hacked education Ted Talk. It's one of my favorites. That kid was incredible and I say this as a former home-schooled kid. 🙂


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