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How was your week, guys?  I spent most of mine workingworkingworking so I could enjoy my 10 day trip to Alaska! I landed last night at 6 pm and now I’m enjoying hanging with my wildlife biologist cousin and her Aleut husband.  Luckily, he’s been very patient with my one million questions about growing up in the villages of rural Alaska ;).

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Links for you!

One of my favorite things about traveling is trying new food.  Like Mountain Dew flavored corn chips.

Welp, now I want to paint my walls grey.As per the usual, Alex is a genius. How to politely say “no” to ridiculous, unreasonable requests – and keep it classy.

Snoop Dogg apparently enjoys nail art.

Tacky or awesome? Discuss.

I really enjoyed this.  I think a lot of us have ideas about what men find sexy in terms of size and age or how women of ‘a certain age’ should act. This is refreshing.

I’m not just slightly chubby and complaining about those last 15 pounds. I’m rather short and weigh almost precisely 300 lbs. I wear size 28 clothing. Unless you think such things are mutually exclusive, I would describe myself as reasonably pretty, in a natural, low-maintenance, naughty librarian kind of way. I am fiercely intelligent, deeply hilarious, casually stylish, utterly unselfconscious and really, genuinely nice. I am also an absolute riot in the sack. And I’ve been getting laid like crazy.Isn’t this lamp gorgeous?

If I knew how to walk in heels I’d be all over these.

What happens when you’re addicted to money?

An interesting read about community, the elderly, and ‘loitering.’

You know I love small spaces, so I obviously love these decorating and storage ideas.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: a hedgehog in things, animals riding animals.

I’m dorkily house proud and I really believe that your space affects your mindset. (Whenever people come to apartment they usually say “Where’s all your …. stuff?”) As such, I love the idea of a life coach who specializes in creating spaces that support your goals.

How do you feel when people tell you that you look better without makeup? (I’m always like “Oh, thank you!” (internally “That’s not true, my dude.”))
I know that you’re just trying to tell me that you think I’m beautiful all the time, no matter what, but I know I look better with make-up on. I can see the way you look at me when I wear it versus when I don’t. I can see the way that others respond to me when I wear it versus when I don’t. And I can see myself in the mirror. I can see the dark circles under my eyes that make-up hides. I can see how pale and sickly I look without make-up. I can see the pimples on my chin and the dry spots on my cheeks. I can see those things. Those things make me feel ugly.

So cool!  Disney princesses in historically accurate outfits.

10 old fashioned dating habit we should make cool again.

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I might sound crazy to say so but I like me better with no makeup on! 🙂 I'm pretty sure the people around me feels differently tho because normally I don't wear that much/any makeup most of the time..


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