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How was your week, friends?  I attended a Pi day party and a bad movie night party (in the theme of metal movies),dug into this book, and introduced my dude to one of my all-time favorite movies. Fun!Links for you!

These painted faces are gorgeous!

Have you ever suspected that your bartender is speaking a different language? A secret one?

This exists!

I loved this house tour – so colorful.

A witty t-shirt.

Is this a thing we’re doing now?

A book that profiles the menus, decor, and dress code of 40 parties in famous literature? I AM ON BOARD.

Printing this out and using it immediately.

Oh, this hits close to home. Dear friends with kids, Dear friends without kids

You created a person and that obviously creates a little bit of change in your life. I accept and applaud your new ways. Motherhood really suits you and I love that you enjoy these moments with your kid that I can’t yet begin to understand.
I even love your kid. She’s seriously awesome and I actually enjoy spending time with her. So why do things just feel so weird?
Is it because I still invite you to parties that I know you won’t be able to attend? Should I stop inviting you to things your kid can’t join so you don’t feel guilty saying no or explaining again that you’d need to find childcare? What’s the best way to tell you I want to see you, but your kid probably won’t enjoy what I have planned? What’s the protocol here?

I’ve lived in the Twin Cities on and off for five years and I’ve only done about half of these.

As a hour-glassy lady, it’s always nice to see someone with a similar body type wearing clothes usually intended for rail thin types.  Even if fashion editors don’t like it.

I would probably learn to walk in heels for these.

I will never go to New York Fashion Week, but if I did I’d appreciate these super pragmatic survival tips.

I think this purchase is going to change my life. Like, really.

I could do without the twerking bit in the middle, but I actually quite liked Miley’s cover of ‘Hey Ya.’

A reminder: life doesn’t ‘begin’ at your next milestone.
At some point, many of us have looked around, shrugged our shoulders and thought, “this can’t be it. When I get married, finish school, buy a house, travel, then life will really begin. This is just a holding-zone, shaping me for something more.”
We reach our long awaited achievement and discover it doesn’t quite meet our expectations, so we set our eyes on the next step.

A super interesting essay about why we think we (and the people we know) are interesting and unique but think all other groups are ‘the same.’

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Hope you had a great weekend!


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