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Friends!  How was your week? I quite seriously dodged death on an eight-hour, white knuckled, snow-covered drive from Fairbanks to Anchorage, took the red-eye back to MSP, and worked 12 hours a day catching up on what I didn’t do while on vacation.
On Friday I celebrated National Unplug Day and was amazed to discover:
1. If you’re not trying to work, it’s shockingly easy to avoid technology. (Harder if it’s a weekday and you’d like to put in some billable hours)
2. When you do log back on, you’ll be amazed at how little of importance you’ve missed. Like, 15 minutes of scanning and deleting spam and you’re up to date.

Anyway! Links for you!

Remember the True Story interview about the neo-nazis invading a rural North Dakota town? There’s a documentary about that!

This is so interesting! The book cover designs for American audiences vs British audiences. (I loooove the cover for ‘The Dinner’!)I very rarely drink soda (I was only allowed half a can as a kid and I never quite got over that). In the event that you’d like to stop drinking Coke, perhaps these 20 practical uses for it will encourage you? Like cleaning oil stains from the garage floor.

Ooooh!  Fancy! If you do a lot of international travel you should look into Global Entry.

Have hookup apps ruined gay romance?

For me, the most troublesome part of Grindr has always been its proximity to commerce. In the Grindr economy, your body is your currency. You use the app to shop the catalogue of headless, shirtless torsos, to find one that you can afford (meaning someone who is at a similar fitness level). For someone like me with notorious body issues, this clearly presents a problem. But there’s also something kind of gross about it. Like emotionless and clinical. Totally the antithesis of romantic.
I’ve been telling people for yeeeaaaars that the internet travels under the ocean through a giant cable and NO ONE EVER BELIEVES ME.What a cute coin purse!

I love hearing about new ways to do business and Elise’s Make29 is super clever!

Things to make/eat/cook: spiced cauliflower ‘couscous’, spinach salad with dukkah (what’s dukkah?), buttered popcorn cupcakes, bacon kale ricotta sandwiches, homemade cookie butter.

I thought this essay about how you can tell your ethnic group is successful by American standards was fascinating.

If there’s one real indication of successful assimilation into white America, it’s if people from your culture have been charged with white collar crime. If they were in deep enough to commit a CNBC-level crime, it still means they were in. Congrats, a member of your minority group has insider access to big, important things — that’s definitely a mark of success in my opinion. You did it.I never considered a sheer, sleeveless shirt to be a versatile staple. I was wrong!

Bringing your own food for the flight is always a good move.

Hilarious! Uninspirational posters.

I loved this glamorous, spare house tour.

Well, this is adorable.

A local TV network wanted my girl Sally to contribute to post-Golden-Globes fashion commentary. When she refused to snark, they told her they didn’t need her.
In this day and age, liking something or someone makes you dull and ignorable. Focusing on positives is considered a cop-out, and failing to point out flaws, errors, and missteps makes you appear less expert. Focusing on what didn’t work, fit-wise, through a lens of detached analysis hits closer to the mark, though this type of commentary is incredibly rare on major news outlets. But hating something or someone? Criticizing every minute detail? Honing in on the ill-fitting, the unflattering, the less-than-perfect and pointing and shaking your head and smiling knowingly? THAT is what the media wants. 

If you’re moving across country, I think you should pack a moving box like this.

All the spring stuff at ASOS is 20% off! (I like this scarf, this top, and these earrings.)

As someone who grew up in eight miles outside a town of 2,000 people, I liked this: The America Far From The Freeway.
Highways are for A.M. radio, sections so curvy there’s not a passing lane for miles, and gas stations that sell nightcrawlers and gizzards from the same ice chest. When you pass a semi on a highway, you feel awesome, in part because every time you do it you are willfully placing yourself in front of incoming traffic. And because highways go where freeways cannot, the land they cover is much more beautiful than the flat nothingness of the freeway corridors. Zombies drive on freeways; real men and women drive on two-lane highways.Hope you had a great weekend, friends!



I thought the same thing about that Shutterbean salad but still made a note that I'd like to try it. Then I came across dukkah at Trader Joe's! Almost made it tonight even, but I finished my ripe avocados on Saturday.


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