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How was your week guys? I worked one million (really, a bit more than I would have liked), binge watched Broad City (and am officially in love with Illana), helped friends ring in their birthdays, and watched my 8-year-old cousin compete at an Irish Dance festival. ADORABLE.

Links! For you! 

Well, this is the best thing ever.

I loved this post about becoming emotionally self-reliant.

We look for happiness from others, but this is an unreliable source of happiness. Other people will come and go, or they’ll be emotionally unavailable for their own personal reasons.
And here’s the thing: it’s not their job to fill our emotional needs. They are struggling trying to meet their own needs.
So instead of looking for happiness from someone else, we have to realize it’s not out there. It’s within us.A silly quiz that’s totally fun. (I’m Mindy Kaling, unsurprisingly.)

What a fantastic project! Go without your phone to help give water to children in need.

Isn’t the styling on these photos great?

Good advice if you think you’ve got writer’s block.

This only furthers my desire for a travel camper.

Street fashion + classic films.

This piece about American bros is so insanely well-written.

He has existed for as long as there have been gluttonous men dedicating ceremonies to their own existence. Anyone who objects is either a slut or a hater or a minority, and you need to GET ON HIS LEVEL, SON. The only things that change are the miscellaneous wristbands he wears, and the brand of energy drink on the promotional T-shirt they gave him. He is a chest-pounding, chandelier-swinging, Godzilla-id mutant who does not need friends, just a hierarchy of other men around him who will simply acknowledge the noises he is making, his indignance, his fury. He doesn’t want relationships; he wants witnesses. Don’t listen, just turn up the volume. Amplify this moment. He is memorializing his past immediately—minutes after something has happened it has become lore in the form of a mobile upload.How does house hunting feel when you’re only looking at foreclosed homes? Uncanny.

Awesome and gross.

I usually couldn’t care less about weddings, but this one is so sweet and mellow and well done!

Who knew a beige trench coat could look so … cool?

I would like to make the argument that you could wear this dress year round, to lots of functions.

I love the idea of a clothing company encouraging its customers to use their pieces till they absolutely wear out (and teaching them how to fix the pieces!)

What a wonderfully colorful house!

I’m working on getting comfortable with mediocrity. Here’s how to get comfortable with failure.

I’m not allowing myself to buy this dress because I know it’s the only thing I’d wear all summer.

I love the idea of being a ‘daymaker‘. What if we all navigated our lives that way?

Some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: On treating yourself + grownup purchases, Why you should take a professional sabbatical (and how to do it without ruining your resume), 3 ways to make cheapo travel feel luxurious.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!



I am not sure if it is just me but the link for asos clothes never seems to work!


Sarah, I liked hearing you talk about your blog & business on Elise's podcast. It's reminded me to go take a look at my blog, which I haven't touched in 13 months, just to figure out what to do with it. I don't think I'm blogger… 😉

I wanted to recommend A Practical Wedding for longer form reads, not only about weddings but life too. "We want to change the world. We figured weddings were a damn good place to start (because really, what a mess). Marriage seemed the next logical step. Stay tuned." Have you heard of it before? I hope you enjoy.

Sarah Von Bargen

Thanks so much, Kate! I've heard really good things about A Practical Wedding, but I've never checked it out (because I'm not married) but I'll pop over!


Sarah – your recent post on your small business blog about a blog posts containing lots of links was timely for me as I just started doing a version of this at the beginning of the year. My question to you – how to you feel about people sharing a link on their own post that they found through you? I haven't done this yet because nothing seemed to fit into my own agenda (although I love reading through your web time wasters!) but thought I would ask if something struck my fancy sometime in the future. Thanks!


"I worked one million"
^ this made me laugh a lot. One million hours? Jobs? Knitted scarves?
(I am not mocking; I truly found it hilarious/charming. I do this on basically a daily basis…)


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