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Friends! As you read this I’m in Florida, fulfilling the dream of a lifetime: seeing the Weeki Wachee mermaids in person. I’ll (obviously) write about it but I can assure you – I probably cried with joy about it. (If you’d like to see some of my photos from the trip, you can follow along on Instagram.)

Enough about mermaids (jk there are never enough mermaids.) Links for you!
A pretty photo blog, created by two friends with the same name: Kate Berry.

Welp, this is obviously adorable: a young girl whose BFF is an English bulldog. WHO WEARS OUTFITS.

Related: I’ll never have a daughter, but if I did her bedroom would look like this.

I have tonnnnnns of foreign change rattling around my desk drawer. This super simple, cute DIY got them out on display.

I love beautifully designed, carefully curated print. We’d all be smarter and our coffee tables more interesting if we subscribed to 32 magazine.

I loved this tiny piece from my girl Rachel Hills.

Preeeeeety sure I had this backpack in fifth grade. Does that mean I’m too old for it now?

We all love a good list of life-tips, right? This one is full of things I already know but need to be reminded of.

10 Life Lessons To Excel In Your 30s
5. You can’t have everything; Focus On Doing a Few Things Really Well
“Everything in life is a trade-off. You give up one thing to get another and you can’t have it all. Accept that.” (Eldri, 60)
In our 20s we have a lot of dreams. We believe that we have all of the time in the world. I myself remember having illusions that my website would be my first career of many. Little did I know that it took the better part of a decade to even get competent at this. And now that I’m competent and have a major advantage and love what I do, why would I ever trade that in for another career?
“In a word: focus. You can simply get more done in life if you focus on one thing and do it really well. Focus more.” (Ericson, 49)Ha! What happens when a girl posts an ad on a dating site, looking for a husband who makes more than 500k a year?

I grew up in the country, outside a town of 2,000 people. If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to live in a small town, this music video captures it pretty perfectly.

A documentary we should all watch.

Need help putting your intentions into action? This’ll help.

I CANNOT recommend these ballet flats highly enough. Insanely comfortable, last forever, good for your feet and legs. They’re totally worth the (slightly) higher price. Love yourself enough to stop buying $15 Target flats! (Unless you put these in them.)

Next time my cat acts up, I’m going to do this.

Is it possible to accelerate serendipity?

Say “Yes, and…” instead of “Yes, but…”
This is such a simple thing to try. Any time someone gives you a suggestion, and you feel yourself thinking of playing the devils’ advocate, stop. Starting a sentence with “yes, but” is a surefire way to close down an opportunity—try to think about the other person’s idea or statement and see what you could add. Start with “yes, and…” and go from there! It’s a principle from the world of improv, and I’m often surprised by the happy accidents that result from a simple suggestion to someone.Oh, helpful! 4 great photo editing apps!

Driving the Pacific Coast Highway is on my life-to-do list. A super helpful post about where you should stop on that roadtrip.

Apparently, we should all be cooking with this ingredient.

Is personal branding bs?

People don’t need brands. We already have brands. Your brand is your personality.
We lead ourselves into a weird, objectifying split from self when we try to create or deliberately present a brand. Instead, approach it from the inside out. Work at being the most expressed, consistent, unapologetic version of your authentic self. Work at letting the real you come through. Work at having the courage to say what you actually have to say. Then you’ll have a strong, coherent “brand” naturally, which is to say, people will know who you are because you will be living it.

Also!  If you appreciate my taste in links, we should be friends on Twitter! Every night I share my ‘Fave read of the Day’ (which are different links than what I’ve featured here) hashtagged #yandy for easy reading.Some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: True Story: I went from self-employed to 9-to-5 and I love it!, How to purge your closet, 9 ways to love moving your body.


Sarah G

I made the foreign coin magnets for my fridge and love them! Make sure you buy strong magnets though – some of those coins are heavy! 🙂

Jennifer Soucy

The link for "cooking with this ingredient" is pointing to the Pacific Coast Highway article… and I really want to know what the ingredient is!

Sarah Bishop

We watched "God Loves Uganda" at our UU church. We had 2 UU missionaries who'd just come back from Uganda in to tell us about the country and some of the issues the documentary mentioned. Heartbreaking but their stories showed not everyone thinks the same way there, much like here. Just happens the stakes are currently higher there.


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