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How was your week, guys? I attended my first twerk-out class (SO HARD but totally fun), had dinner with my mentee, had a roller skating date night, and went to The World’s Least Annoying Baby Shower.

Links for you!

Well, this is gorgeous.

Putin and I read this together and he’s not quite sure about it.

I liked Elise’s post about three things she knows for sure about small business. (Also! She interviewed me on her podcast about blogging and editorial calendars – listen here)

I need to turn this blog post into wallpaper, cover my office with it, and read it every day before I make a 25-point to-do list: How to end the endless game of catching up.

Email. The more you send, the more you receive. (otherwise known as vicious circle) Instead of saving it for later, or checking email on your phone 10 times a day, but never responding, do one solid email triage a day. Don’t respond to anything that doesn’t require a response. Be brief when responding to the email that does. If you have trouble with brevity, set a timer and challenge yourself to answer any email in 5 sentences or less.Related: I’ll finish the dishes when I’m dead.

Cute! Shiba SommelierI LOVE THESE SHOES (even if I don’t know how to walk in heels)

Related: I’m getting ready to cross ‘wear wedges every day for a week’ off my new things list: I should probably buy these, right?

If someone ever tells you that rape culture isn’t real, send them this link.

If you’re trying to save money – or just consume less stuff – you’ll love this image.

Things to eat/bake/cook: feta, tomato, bell pepper quiche with polenta crust, coffee caramelized croissant french toast sticks, roasted broccoli bowls.

What if we lived in the movie Flashdance?

Call off the search. I found the sexiest one-piece swimsuit ever.

Are you ready to leave the church of self-improvement?

I would struggle in the space between mental discipline and emotional nourishment, the intellect and the spirit, for a long time. Often, I got stuck in my head and judged myself for the perpetual longing for True Love that resided in my heart. I tried to think my way through spontaneity.Ha! One-star book reviews of classics. (I loved the review of The Alchemist!)

I want everything (every.single.thing) in this store.

A polite elephant.

I’m not a coffee snob AT ALL so I found this post interesting:

we’ve turned coffee into not just a daily habit, but a totem of conspicuous consumption. They are “rituals of self-congratulation” (a choice phrase from Frank Bruni) wherein we continually obsess over certain coffee purveyors or certain methods of brewing coffee — each new one more complex, more Rube Goldbergian and more comically self-involved than the previous brewing fad.Want to reconnect with your intuition? Here are five ways to do just that.




I was unable to get the "Get Rich Slowly" link, too. :(.

I love the "Less Stuff" image! There's so much truth to that and a way that I'm trying to strive and live. Slowly! It's a work in progress!

And those french toast sticks, oh my! I've saved this and feel the need to make it asap! Happy Sunday! 🙂


As always: a delicious list that made me smile, frown, curious, subscribing to three more blogs on bloglovin (oh boy!) and sends me to bed a happy person. Thank you!


I must know the details of the World's Least Annoying Baby Shower! My best friend is the most easy-going, laid back girl ever and she rolls her eyes at silly baby shower nonsense. But she's pregnant! And she needs baby stuff! Help me throw her an amazing shower!

Sarah Von Bargen

It was basically a really nice brunch (with a strings of multi-colored non-baby related bunting) and then our friend opened presents while we watched! And then we just chatted and hung out! No painful games, no gift bags.

Also, we instituted a 'no thank you notes' policy and instead when the baby is using the gift, the mom would take a photo of it and text it to us 🙂


Great set of links Sarah – the endless game of catching up resonated pretty strongly!


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