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How was your week, guys? I helped celebrate a friend’s birthday over cold German beer, had one million client calls, and cashed in a Groupon for a murder mystery dinner! (My guy and and I were Lord and Lady Finger!)Links! For you!

DIY coconut rose bath truffles? Yes, please. And! make old sweatpants into a bag for your yoga mat.

Know any Batman fans?  They probably need this bookshelf.

Love this – Spaghetti squash: accepting it for what it is.
Starving and delusional, many people following the program gush, “It’s just like eating pasta! You can’t even tell the difference!” They’re wrong. It’s funny how we can totally lie to ourselves when we want to drop a dress size.

Somewhat related: the ultimate protein-packed ice cream sandwich.

Patterns + patterns = cute.

Always helpful. 8 ways to improve your presence

Don’t be a narcissist. Seriously, enough about you already. Stop broadcasting your your every move and start listening to what others are saying. Then engage. Just because it’s virtual, doesn’t mean it isn’t a real conversation with a real human being on the other end. Same goes for those posting about business offerings all the time. First, you’re boring us, and second, the only way we’ll really connect with you is if you show us your personality and heart. Share your interests and passions so we can find common ground.

So sweet!  This guy bought and moved into his grandparents’ home and found a way to renovate it to his taste without removing all its history.

Words I never thought I’d type: I think I want a jumper.

A million gorgeous travel photos for you to pore over.

Things to eat/bake/cook: apple and manchego salad, pasta with broccolini pesto and creme fraiche, zucchini salad with red onion and pistachio, pea guacamole and seared haloumi tacos (!!!)

Ethical fashion on a budget? Yes.

Remember when flying was, like, fancy?

Some unsexy truth about quitting your job, leaving your marriage, making any huge changes.

When you’re seriously unhappy, the tendency is to either change nothing — or change everything. When actually, the most effective thing to do … is to change one thing.  See how that feels. Check in. Re-evaluate. And then change one more thing … if you want to. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover … that maybe, you don’t need to.Have you ever wondered how much it costs to live in Bali? The answer is LET’S MOVE THERE NOW.

Related: a two-week itinerary for Northern Spain.

Hilarious. This is the new game I’m going to force people to play at dinner parties.

I’m always trying to make impressive, high-concept desserts and this cake is next up.

Ha!  Rachel Rabbit White’s ideas for celebrity fanfic are amazing.

* Lindsay Lohan is avoiding James Franco after an Awkward Threesome at the Chateau Marmont
* Jennifer Aniston is Crying on this Very Nice Dinner Date
* Winona Ryder gets drunk and Facebook chats her ex, Connor O’Berst
* Jake Gyllenhall’s Seemingly Uncontrollable Esoteric Thoughts During Sex
* Nicki Minaj has Lunch with the Friend that somehow always makes her feel Sexually Conservative

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