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How was your week, friends? I hosted brunch for some lady friends (as an excuse to make these insane-o waffles), worked one million, and right now I’m headed to Grand Forks, North Dakota for three days where I’ll be staying in AN EGYPTIAN THEMED HOTEL ROOM! Don’t worry, I’ve got a ‘7 Awesome Things To Do In North Dakota’ blog post coming.

Enough about bad, hand-painted murals of the pyramids. Links for you!

I’m not sure that I even plan to buy a house, so I love seeing what people do with their rentals. I can’t get over this incredibly smart use of a …. ironing board closet?

A new thing I’m doing whenever I host brunch: bacon hearts.

It’s (nearly) summer and for me, that means open-faced sandwiches, for every meal, ever. Here are a bunch of delicious-sounding two-ingredient sandwiches.

A great gift for the traveler in your life.

A bit of wisdom on leaning back.

I’ve totally felt like there are other bloggers, writers and designers out there working until 1 a.m. and felt guilty when I turn in at 9:30 for bed. I’ve berated myself for not more fiercely going after new, bigger business when I already have a wait list. Just as I’m sure there are others who feel the need to stay in the office until 9pm and still get up for a 6 am run instead of sleeping in an extra hour, or moms who feel they need to produce some incredible Pinterest-sourced kids activities when really all they need is to put them in front of a Disney movie for a little and sit down with a magazine.Wow, this looks helpful! If you know someone going through something tough – a divorce, a serious illness, death in the family – and you’ve said the words “Let me know how I can help” – this app will actually help you help.

Things to eat/bake/cook: cucumber noodles with peanut sauce, lavender honey crepe cake, veggie burgers 10 ways.

Doing good deeds brings you joy.

I am a total sucker for good packaging. A roundup of some of the best!

This would improve my summer exponentially.Aminta is my new favorite fashion blogger: one part Bjork, one part Cher from Clueless.

Like everyone else in the world, there are parts of my body that I usually cover up (looking at you, upper arms). I loved Sally’s post about loving what you hate.

And I can say with confidence that focusing some intentional love and affection toward the body part I hated most was KEY to moving myself further down the path toward self-love and acceptance. It wasn’t until I forced myself to celebrate what I’d spent so long loathing that I felt capable of continuing my own body image journey.What does it mean to have good sex manners?

Have you already seen these adorable cat marshmallows?

A new favorite website: Not not awesome.

What do beauty bloggers use on their eyes? Here are 35 product recs from some gorgeous, big-named bloggers.

These plus this = what I’m doing this summer.

I loooooved this article about the future Mrs. Clooney.

[Clooney’s] choice of this lovely, accomplished, 30-something, ambitious woman — is a vicarious triumph for all the single ladies out there, all the smart, accomplished, ambitious, single ladies who are a constant, convenient punching bag for pretty much every self-help book out there that’s eager to tell them how they’re doing it wrong, they’re putting their careers first, ruining their chances of finding a proper mate, ruining their chances of ever having children, should have gotten married at 23, just ruining everything, making a huge mess of it, very bad job, #FAIL.Some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: You’re awesome. So then what?, 7 cheap ways to switch up your space, Be happy in this moment – this moment is your life.

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Such a quality roundup! Everything is necessary!!!

Also, remind me to give you my deviled eggs recipe if you decide you need to add yet another piece of delish kitsch to your brunch repertoire <3


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