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How was your week, guys? I roadtripped across North Dakota (and saw the western hemisphere’s tallest structure – which I totally didn’t know was in North Dakota), and this weekend I’ve been celebrating Memorial Day in a traditional fashion: 100 backyard parties. I also discovered that pizza waffles reheat well on grills and everyone loves them!

Anyway. Links for you!

I’ve got two spots open for hookup requests in the June Network of Nice and mannny spots open for hookup offers. Send me 100 words about the (non-promotional, non-Googleable) help you need or can provide!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to research a historical novel?

Remember sensory details. It’s the sensory details that bring a setting to life for a reader, so don’t skimp on them. Pillage the research books for mentions of food, animals, fragrances, weather, scenery, materials, music–anything and everything that can lend a touch of reality.
Cute. A rockclimber who brings his cat!What happens when all the fashion bloggers start to look the same?

Yes! I love a good roundup of cheap, effective beauty products. Here are five.

Loved this: 5 rules for writing a kick ass to-do list.

Related: a simple trick for dewy summer skin.

Things to cook/bake/eat: rice and beans (four ways), pickled chard stem, pistachio crusted asparagus with feta.

I loved this – photos of concert goers that match the musicians.

NOOOOOPE.Do you already know about Zoey and Jasper? A rescue dog and her little boy? And they dress in matching outfits?!!!

What does the word ‘ghetto’ really, actually mean?

This current use of “ghetto” is also curiously mismatched to the history of ghettos. Venice’s ghettos were home to prosperous merchants. Warsaw’s ghettos housed resistance fighters. Harlem was a ghetto when it hosted a transformative literary and cultural movement. Chicago’s Bronzeville was home to the black professional class — ghettos, by removing citizens’ freedom to live where they want, force schoolteachers next to drug dealers, working families next to whorehouses.

Just a collection of pretty, joyful, colorful images.

A good message.

Did you know that a textile factory could be so gorgeous? I didn’t.I’ve written before about how to deal when all your friends get married and have kids. Now, in first person: Once We Become Parents We Don’t Want To Hang Out With You Anymore (But Not For The Reasons You Think)

We just can’t focus on you very well when we have to simultaneously keep an eye on our kids making sure they don’t choke, drown in randomly placed vat of water or get a head injury bumping into the pointy corner of a table. We spend a lot more time and energy worrying about keeping our brood alive than you might imagine. A lot of times we host events you don’t get invited to. Again, this isn’t because YOU aren’t fun, it’s because our events aren’t fun, at least not for most adults.I didn’t know “urban rustic” was A Thing but now that’s how I want all my spaces to look.


melinda christina

No joke, I actually googled "urban rustic" earlier today before reading this post because it sounded like my exact aesthetic but I had no idea whether or not it was a thing. So happy it is and I love the example you found!


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