8 Ridiculously Delicious Things To Cook In A Campfire

Growing up, I spent every summer camping.
Every summer, ages 3-14, was spent sleeping in tents, roasting things over a fire, driving from place to place in a brown station wagon.
Even if you didn’t grow up camping and you haven’t yet perfected your fire-making technique (I prefer the tipi method) summer is the perfect time to cook things over a fire. I mean, any night that involves eating things off sticks/out of foil packets and hair that smells all piney and smokey is a win, right?

8 recipes to cook in a campfire

Links to recipes embedded in the photos.

Are you camping this summer? What will you be cooking over the campfire? 

P.S. Homemade junk food and my favorite dish from Taiwan

photo credit: jenelle ball // cc



I do corn on the cob in foil too. With butter, garlic, s+p, and a splash of beer or bourbon! Soooo gooood!


I love all of these ideas! I'm currently on a long camping trip right now and all of this sounds wonderful! 🙂

Mika P.

My boyfriend and I enjoy camping, so this list is perfect! I can't wait to try these the next time we're outdoors. (:

Jacqueline Fisch

S’mores! But with a few upgrades – cinnamon sugar graham crackers, salted dark caramel chocolate and vanilla marshmallows. It just needs to warm up a tad in the midwest!


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