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How was your week, guys? This was my first full work week in 10 days but I hit the ground running with two Clever Sessions, a nearly finished redesign on my portfolio sight, a nearly-finished app, and a redesign/revamp (courtesy of Kory Woodard) of my Post College Survival Kit ecourse. Whew! And last night I checked ‘attend a pro wrestling event’ off my life list.

Enough about my workaholic tendencies. Links!

Oh my. A subscription box made for me: Try The World. Each month they send you snacks from a different country! I’M COMING FOR YOU, BRAZILIAN  JABUTICABA JAM.

What happens when you travel through Italy – 40 pounds lighter than you were last time you visited?

As I move about my days I don’t feel any different to any other time I’ve lived or travelled here, and so when the man serving my coffee engages in conversation with that kind of lop-sided smile it leaves me breathless and uneasy. This morning the most handsome man I’ve seen in quite some time – Southern, mahogany tan, hipster beard and broad shoulders and no wedding ring – spoke with me in the most flirtatious, charming way, I second guessed myself til the point where I reasoned I must be part of some elaborate practical joke.

10 minutes to a less cluttered home? Yes, please!

Let’s avoid toxic friendships, shall we?
When you enjoy greater friendships – you truly enjoy a happier life. Friends should bring you joy, love and laughter – not stress, drama and anxiety.

New favorite food blog: Golubka Kitchen.

This times 1,000.

A new fantasy for all of us: a backyard studio that’s half as cute as this one.

Things to make/bake/cook/eat: waffled donuts, grilled avocados with cilantro sauce, cucumber gin popsicles.

Goodness but these shoes are cute. (And I’d never thought of layering two shirts like that!)

You could probably get married in this romper.

I kiiiiiiind of think Anthony Bourdain is a dick. Regardless, he had some good travel advice you haven’t heard a million times before.

Bears chilling and pondering over life.

A wonderful gift for the traveler in your life.

Are you freshly on the job market? These 10 resume templates are beautiful.

Cats in cosplay outfits.

I have a pair of these sandals they go with nearly everything!

Three videos I loved: a perfectly choreographed group dance, if Asians said the stuff white people say, Ask a homo: the gay lisp.

Jean-Ralphio Saperstein is the best/worst.

This skirt makes me want to drink gin at a country club.

I loved this photo collection of mothers’ clothes and their daughters’ comments.

I play tennis in this skirt all summer long. My mother wore it before she had me and after she had me, and she’d play in it. She loves tennis, and I love tennis because of her. She got me into it. I was forced to take many lessons and I didn’t appreciate them at the time but now we can play together, occasionally. We don’t enough.A few Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: Life lessons from a goat, True Story: I’ve had 70+ sexual partners, There is enough.


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