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What’d you get up to this week, guys? I ate and drank in lots of backyards and found time to fit in two matinees – Maleficent (so good!) and Obvious Child (also so good!) It finally feels like summer is here For Real and I’m looking forward to eating my weight in cherries and corn on the cob and wearing sundresses every day for the next three months.

Links for youuuuu!
I’ve got space for three hook up requests and innumerable hook up offers in July’s Network of Nice. Get at me!

I always hoped that if I got on Buzzfeed it would be because I wrote or created something amazing (like, you know, a cat calendar) but a sponsor post devoted to my genetically-inherited hair color? WHATEVER I’LL TAKE IT.

I loooooove reading about people’s morning routine! Why is it so fascinating?!

My morning routine is currently eighteen tasks. It didn’t start this way.
It started with flossing my teeth after showering and marking on the wall calendar that I did. One thing. If I forgot, I’d run up to the bathroom and floss as soon as I remembered.
Once the flossing habit was established I added an additional task: clean my glasses. Same process; cross it off on the calendar once completed, do it immediately if I realized I hadn’t yet. 

Looking for a pretty app that will help you share your photos and stories?

Perfect t-shirts, made in America (that aren’t American Apparel. Yuck.)

An outfit I could never pull off but love nonetheless.

Aren’t charcoal beauty products awesome/weird? The fact that they’re black somehow makes me think they’re more effective. Here’s a roundup of eight.

Oh, good question. Should you splurge on vacations or a nicer home?

Daaaaang! Life coaches, don’t quit your day job. What they don’t tell you in life coaching school.

Love this! How to strike up a conversation with anyone.

So often, we end up having a one-sided conversation with some of our favorite shop clerks, baristas and receptionists. They say something along the lines of, “Hi, how are you doing today?” and we reply, “Great, thanks.” Then: crickets. We’re completely guilty of this when we’re in a hurry or our minds are elsewhere. However, for the sake of being present and slowing down our busy lives, we’re all trying to respond with “Great, thanks. How are you?” instead.

I loved these photos of prom couples. So sweet and awkward!

Did you know that the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art just made hundreds of images Creative Commons?!

Animals photo bombing. Of course.

We can all agree the price on these jean shorts in THE STUPIDEST, right?

Reminder: you can ask for what you want.

Related: what happens when a high school student asked a famously reclusive, interview-averse star for an interview in the school newspaper? This.

I don’t care what the fashion police say. I love these and I will wear them forever and ever, ahem.

Before you say you’re “so OCD” when what you really mean is “I’m organized and prompt” I’d encourage you to read this.

Hooooooly helpful. A million ways to repurpose content.

This skirt isn’t right for my body type, but I’d like you to buy it, wear it, and report back. The color is to die for!

Wisdom, as always, from my friend Alex: How to diffuse conflict (almost) instantly — and get angry people to calm down + be cool.

Some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: How to show your friends you love them, True Story: I dated a married man, Dino walk of shame.


Claire (Eat Well. Party Hard.)

How jean shorts really work:

1. Go to Goodwill.
2. Try on 20 different pairs of jeans until you find one that makes your butt look good. Purchase for $2.
3. Bring home, cut into shorts. Wash.
4. Spend that remaining $174 on something that's actually worth your time.



Fantastic links! I immediately downloaded that app-I am going to Europe in a few weeks and it seems like a perfect way to capture and share some of my travel adventures. The "how to strike up a conversation with anyone" is very helpful, little reminders go a long way.


i'm super behind on blog reading and just noticed this call out – thank you sarah! honored to be included, I love your round ups!


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