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How was your week, friends? I crossed ‘Do a Habitat for Humanity Day’ off my New Things List and finished writing some stuff for a company that has 300,000+ employees! They’re my biggest client yet – by far! – and it’s exciting to know that so many people will be reading what I wrote.

Anyhoodles. Links for you!

Is society afraid of sensual older women?

My mind flashed to a particular woman
who took one of my classes and who shared that
at over 65 years of age,
she finally felt secure and confident enough to express herself as a sensual woman
for the first time in her life.
And here is Wendy Williams, another women, who has power on television and radio,
saying that by 55 years old another women should “put it away”. I am sick of society controlling and commenting on the sensuality of other women.Anna is doing a minimalist challenge (getting rid of one thing on day one, two things on day two…) and I’m so impressed!

If anyone in your life ever tells you that catcalling and street harassment isn’t a real threat, tell them to read this.

Remember when I interviewed my friend Tiffany about inadvertently becoming a Pinterest phenomenon? Her book based her insanely popular Pinterest board just came out and it looks great!

So interesting! An interview with Ann Wroe, obituaries writer for The Economist.

I am 100% intrigued by the idea of pickled grapes. I bet they’d be good on a cheese tray!Beautiful photos of women farmers.

The North Shore of Minnesota is beautiful.

What are the occupational hazards of fronting a band?

$123? SUPER NO.

And these are not worth $100. Unimpressed emoticon.

A beautiful idea for a new way to navigate life and choices. (I’ve been doing this and I’ve been so much kinder to myself and made much better choices!)

I’ve certainly been guilty of believing that some men are ”too handsome to be trustworthy.” Apparently I’m not the only one!

A fireproof home made from … old plastic bottles?


Animals can suffer from mental illness, too.

There are depressed and anxious gorillas, compulsive horses, obsessive wombats, self-harming dolphins and dogs with dementia. Many of these animals share their homes, exhibits or habitats with other creatures that don’t suffer from the same problems.I have new lifestyle icons: a couple who left high-profile jobs in NYC, bought a goat farm, restored an old farm house …. and started a super successful lifestyle company. A day in their life.

A lovely quote.

A few Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: True Story: I’m in a wheelchair, 5 ways to make your business sparkle, How I make money.



Those shoes are so not worth £50/$80 but the Garfield sweater is only £32/$54 in the UK. It would be cheaper for me to buy it and mail it to you. :p


Sarah, thanks for such a great list of links! I love that instagram of the North Shore! I needed to hear "what feels most like love?". I'm really enjoying the Little Reminders of Love blog. Thanks for such great times wasters this week!

Stacia, Paper Swallow Events

I love the minimalism challenge link! I've been working towards a more minimalist lifestyle recently, and it's always encouraging to see what other people are doing and how they're going about it.


Love these links! Especially the minimalist challenge – I'm not quite there yet, maybe 1 thing a week might be a less scary place for me to start. Also I remember my mothers neighbors had a cat with depression, it was being treated with ant-depressants and everything!


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