A Personal Declaration of Independence

personal declaration of independence


Guys, tomorrow is the fourth of July here in America – Independence Day. In that theme, I created a declaration of independence for myself and for other ladies of the world – if they’re interested. Share yours in the comments!

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people are created equal, that they are endowed with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

We have the right to pursue the careers we want – whether that’s climbing the corporate ladder with a machete clenched between our teeth, making amazing lattes, or teaching America’s next generation.


We have the right to have and raise children, or the world’s best dog, or the state’s biggest, juiciest heirloom tomatoes.We have the right to bare legs and arms and cleavage at any age without street harassment or judging looks.

We have the right to be really great at sports and – with good, respectful sportsmanship – soundly tromp any opponent, regardless of their gender.

We have the right to binge watch Orange Is the New Black and feel zero guilt.

We have the right to ask for what we want – without apologizing.
We have the right to go home early, only have one drink, save our money carefully and not feel like a total buzzkill.We have the right to stay out dancing alllll night – regardless of age, marital or parental status.

We have the right to just give up on strapless bras because (let’s be honest) they are The Actual Worst.

We have the right make more money than our partner and not feel weird about it.

We have the right to love makeup and rom coms and baking and hosting parties and political analysis and rowdy sex and doing our own taxes.

We have the right to totally not ‘get’ Twitter or Instagram – or really love them and share lots of photos of our pets in outfits.


We have the right to choose who we allow into our lives and how we interact with them.We have a right to love our lives and not pretend otherwise.

What would you declare on your personal independence day? Tell me in the comments!

P.S. Life has big plans for you

photo by kevin cole // cc


Jessica Rodarte

Yes to this post.
I totally agree to giving up on strapless bras. Jean-Ralphio needs to chime in here with a drawn out "the worst" exclamation.


"We have the right to love makeup and rom coms and baking and hosting parties and political analysis and rowdy sex and doing our own taxes."


This was an assignment we had in 8th grade. If I recall correctly, I declared independence from hair in my cafeteria french fries.


In Canada, July 1st is our holiday, so I am belatedly loving this post. Can I co-opt all these declarations for myself? Especially the one about strapless bras – they were invented by the devil himself, I swear.

Mika P.

Ah! I absolutely love this post- it's so true and so amazing, and these are the things we need to accept. (and have our counter-parts accept as well) Thanks for posting this <3


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