New Thing: Play 9 Holes of Golf

Each year I make a list of new things I want to try – some of them are super difficult others are so boring you’ll reconsider my success as an adult. You can read about previous adventures here.

In case you were wondering what to wear when one goes golfing, my answer is:

I don’t know, dude. I wore a striped skirt from Target, ballet flats, and a giant leather belt I bought for $2 at Salvation Army.
This probably wouldn’t fly at Pebble Beach, but I wasn’t particularly interested in experiencing golf for the first time amidst snootiness and plaid – which is why I convinced my guy and two exceptionally patient friends to accompany me to Minneapolis’s wonderfully affordable and laid back par three public golf course at Theo Wirth park. $11 to golf? $6 for a zoomy little cart? $3 for a Bud Lite Lime? DON’TMINDIFIDO.For a long time I’ve relegated golf to the list of sports That Are Not For Me.*
It’s expensive.
It takes a long time.
It’s generally played by rich, middle aged, white dudes who spend their golf games making business and political alliances that affect The Rest Of Us.And while all that might be true, it’s also pretty fun.

Some things I discovered:

* You’ll be waaaaay better at golf if you, you know, pay attention. If you happen to do surprisingly well the first few holes that doesn’t mean you’re actually good or that you should stop aiming for the hole.

*  ‘Par’ means how many times a good golfer would hit the ball to get it into the hole. So if a hole is ‘Par 3’ a good golfer could get from tee to hole in three strokes. My personal best for this Very First Game was four strokes. Worst? Ohheyletsstopcounting.

*  Uh, did you know that some golf courses have separate tee areas for women?! That are easier?! RUDE.

* Golf carts are the most fun to drive. Particularly if you yell “Zeeeeewwwwm!” while doing so.

* These games are loooooong, dudes. Like, nine holes took us 3.5 hours. Granted, there were four of us and I spent a lot of time chopping my ball out of the weeds, but it was quite the time commitment.

Have you ever played golf? And if you have, how do I become less awful? 

P.S. That time I went to a batting cage and That time I ran a 5k.

*it’s a really long list. 

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  1. Megan

    I played 9-hole short course golf with my dad a few years ago as the only time I've ever golfed. We just said that I got my money's worth because I got to hit the ball as many times as someone else would have on a 18-hole long course. 🙂

  2. Destrehan's Daughter

    The only way to become less awful is to practice. 3.5 hours is a really long time for nine holes though. I love golf because I suck and always end up walking a lot. I think it's a great way to hang out with my Dad and I'm always surprising sore afterwards and usually super thirsty because we play in Florida in August. Hope you try again.

  3. Stacia, Paper Swallow Events

    My dad has always worked in the golf industry so I did a TON of golfing as a child. (I still can't putt to save my life.) Your post made me smile because you pointed out several things that I think of as 'normal' because I grew up with them. At some golf courses, if this makes you feel better, they have separate tee areas for men, women, and pros (the pros getting the most difficult area.) My favorite part of golfing was driving the golf cart, or accompanying my dad when he played in tournaments (tournaments between different golf companies like Ping, Taylor Made, etc.) I got to meet some fun people that way! The best way to learn is to keep practicing. Go to a hitting range and get a bucket of balls. Less walking, more practice hitting accuracy. Keep your eye on the ball at all times. As for putting, learn to read the slope of the green because it affects where and how fast your ball goes (this is where I fail.) 🙂

  4. morag | mo adore

    Fun fact: I worked as a waitress at a golf club for three summers during university when I was back home during university. Despite the discount I got as staff, I never bothered learning (for exactly the same reasons you added it your list of sports not for you).

    Morag x

  5. Chrystina Noel

    This is one of those things that they tell girls in the corporate world that they should learn because some of the best time to get a client one on one is on the golf course and a lot of men make deals that way. So yes, this is on my to do list. I will definitely remember to yell fun words while driving the golf carts too 🙂

  6. Chrystina Noel

    This is something that they tell ladies in the corporate world that they should get good at – that there is no better time with a client than one on one on a golf course because neither person is going anywhere for a while. So, this is definitely on my to do list. I will also remember to make the zeeewwwwm sound when driving the golf cart.


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