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Are you guys enjoying your long weekend? I crossed ‘golf nine holes‘ of my New Things list, went to two bbqs (and broke out the fancy jello shots), and launched my re-designed portfolio site. Pop over and check it out – it’s faaaancy!Anyhoo. Links for you!

Helpful! How to spend less money on flight when you’re traveling.

Better Life Bags does great work. They create beautiful bags and give employment to tons of women in Detroit, many of them recent immigrants.

Tongue deeply in cheek: How to respond to criticism.

Tell everyone you know about the criticism, but in a way that makes it clear that you expect them to publicly find it ridiculous and assure you there’s not a shred of truth to it. Do this repeatedly, first while sober, then later after several glasses of wine on a Wednesday afternoon when no one else is really drinking except for you. “Can you believe it?” Ask them that repeatedly. “Can you believe that? About me?” Ask until no one will meet your eyes.

Yup! More fun = more money.

A lot of online business coaches will tell you that you can make six figures in your first year in business. (Hahahahahha!). I loved Halley’s incredibly honest response to that nonsense.

Have a friend who got dumped recently? Here’s what to say.

Ooooh! 9 unconventional writer residencies! Like, sleeping in a Parisian bookshop?

I’m so enjoying Fashionably Light – a minimalist fashion blog.

Interesting! Fake rooftop towns of WWII (like, with landscaping even!)

A summer of intentionality? Sounds like a great idea.

Helpful for all you current college students or recent grads: What I Learned From All My Internships

Try actually being yourself in whatever it is that you do, rather than automatically thinking that isn’t good enough. When you get yelled at, listen. Learn that lesson. Don’t be afraid to make an idiot of yourself and be wrong. If you admit it, you’ll get better.I bet you could convince people this $58 dress was a wedding dress.

Ha! Story of my childhood.I have a lot of friends who work in academia so I got a kick out of this stunt – four professors applied as a group for the position of vice-chancellor. Splitting her salary four ways would have still been more than these professors made each year (!!!)

Fashionable grandpas.

Super sophisticated or ridiculous?

I use Airbnb almost exclusively when I travel and the kitchen supplies can be a bit lackluster. Some good advice on what to bring.

My cat obviously needs this.

What is life like after you lose your arm?
But here are two things you need to know about life after an arm amputation: First, your center of gravity changes dramatically when you are suddenly eight pounds lighter on one side of your body. Second, while my arm may be missing physically, it is there, just as it always has been, in my mind’s eye. I can feel every digit. I can even feel the watch that was always strapped to my left wrist. When I tripped, I reached reflexively to break my very real fall with my completely imaginary left hand. My fall was instead broken by my nose, and my nose was broken by my fall.A few Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: True Story: I’m a flight attendant, How to deal if you’re dating someone who’s listed as ‘single’ on Facebook, How to increase your attention span (or at least stop checking Facebook every five minutes) 



I love these web time "wasters" because 99% of the time, they're really smart, thoughtful links! Thanks Sarah 🙂


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