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How was your week, guys? I spent the last four days up at the lake with my parents and niece, having the most awesomely wholesome, summer-y time (making jam! picking strawberries! fishing! the county fair!)  This week it’s back to the city and then hosting my BFF from NZ for five days. We will have The Actual Most Fun and annoy everyone within hearing distance because we’re constantly shrieking with laughter.

Anyhoo. Links!

Have you heard of Zady? It’s an online marketplace for fashion and home goods – all ethically sourced. It’s a bit spendy but the products are goooogeous.

How to get back on track when you’ve lost the plot.

This post is about saying ‘I do’ to one person – but it could really be about the boundaries we set for anything in our lives.
Who am I going to wake up next to? Mike.
Who am I going to invest my mind, body, heart, and soul in for the rest of my life? Mike.
All of the decisions that this single decision is saving me free up heap-loads of time and energy. I can literally experience how spacious that feels in my body as I type this. THE TIME AND ENERGY WE SAVE WHEN WE’RE WILLING TO MAKE A CLEAR DECISION SETS US FREE. It’s what allows the static to finally silence so we can sink our teeth into something. It’s where the possibility of freedom begins. Everything rests on the surface until you make a choice.

Things to eat/cook/bake: chopped thai salad with sesame garlic dressing, deconstructed borscht, the most ridiculous breakfast sandwich ever.

This letter from mother to daughter is amazing.

Your mom walks into Hooters. She’s wearing the famous spandex uniform. She’s 19. In her wallet is a Mensa membership card, which she knows is distasteful and wouldn’t show a soul but carries to remind herself that she knows a thing or two—a point that’s easy to forget and harder to share in necks of certain woods. When she’s a little older she’ll consider the ironic elements of the costume: The tank top’s wide-eyed owl, symbol of wisdom she’s possessed since birth, stretched across round breasts she herself sometimes admires; the nylon shorts’ neon hue, “safety orange” as the hunting garb she sometimes wore around the family farm to keep from getting shot. But right now she’s thinking about her body. Does it look good?

A super catchy song I’m loving.

I’m still working up the nerve to cross ‘Wear wedges for a week’ off my list of new things. But how cute are these?!

Annnnd nope.

Remember when I saw David Sedaris earlier this year and pretty much died? I wish he would have read this piece about his obsession with his fit bit and picking up garbage as he walks. A man after my own heart!

I’ve been cleaning the roads in my area of Sussex for three years now, but before the Fitbit I did it primarily on my bike, and with my bare hands. That was fairly effective, but I wound up missing a lot. On foot, nothing escapes my attention: a potato-chip bag stuffed into the hollow of a tree, an elderly mitten caught in the embrace of a blackberry bush, a mud-coated matchbook at the bottom of a ditch. Then, there’s all the obvious stuff: the cans and bottles and great greasy sheets of paper that fish-and-chips comes wrapped in. You can tell where my territory ends and the rest of England begins. It’s like going from the rose arbor in Sissinghurst to Fukushima after the tsunami. The difference is staggering.This was pretty much written just for me: 9 of the greatest cats in literature.

What does the real Alex of OITNB say about Piper?

What is this necklace-shoulder-shrug-thing witchery?!

Aren’t these earrings interesting? I think they’d be extra cute worn backwards!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we never needed to touch the gross stuff in our drains ever again?

Dear DNA, please let me age like this.

Beyonce lyrics as a dramatic monologue? OBVIOUSLY.

Forbes dropped the ball when they selected the ’12 best jobs for women.’ 
1) The label ‘for women’ is an insult

2) None of the suggested jobs has a salary over $100,000Yessss. I loved this this of ‘Rejected Disney Princesses‘ which is really a clever title for write ups about shocking women throughout history, accompanied by Disney-esque drawings.

Once the emperor died, Empress Wu’s oldest son ascended to the throne, and proceeded to ignore her. She didn’t take kindly to this, and had him drubbed out of office, and later forced to commit suicide. In his place, she installed her youngest son, whom she basically locked in his room, so she could rule in his stead. Before long, she dropped all pretense of being the queen regent, and formally declared herself the official empress of China.Cuuuute!  A guide dog lands a spot in the school yearbook next to his owner.

What does Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch look like inside? Now you know.

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Oh man, I clicked on the dreadlock extensions …128 dollars? I would be saying the same thing if it was 30 dollars, or 3 dollars. Ew! Also, I NEED that drain thing. I'm anal about keeping STUFF out of my sink because I literally gag if I have to touch mushy food remains. I'm shuddering while writing this. So yes, I need that invention;


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