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How was your week, guys? I spent 15+ hours responding to everyone who took me up on the ‘give your site a once over’ offer (!!!) and now my BFF from NZ is in town and I’m enjoying showing her and her husband around St. Paul. Today we’re going to head up north so they can discover the joys of homegrown raspberries, venison, and canoeing out to the island.Enough about that! Links for you!

Tree house + tent = take my money now.

How gorgeous are these graphic beach towels?

I always wondered how to set my white balance! Now I know.

If you’re alive and a human, you probably occasionally struggle with negative thinking. Here’s how to stop.

If you’re out of the practice of positive thinking, it might be difficult to start, and you will probably feel a little awkward and strange about cheering yourself on. But to counteract the habit of name calling or internal grumbling, you will need to go further than to stop thinking negatively, because there’s probably a slight chance that you won’t stick the landing perfectly every time. At least then, you’ll still end up with a net positive. A home built into sandstone caves? Yes.

5 DIY natural makeup removers!

I’ve been using this on my sweaty summer skin and it’s amaaazing! (Even more amazing if you keep it in the fridge.)

These photos are mesmerizing.

A private moon. How sweet!

Someone smart once told me that there are really only two reasons that relationships fail. Either the person isn’t that into you or they’re too emotionally stunted to show you that they’re into you. A quote that speaks to that.

How to use statement pieces to make your outfits more interesting. Related: these shoes look amazing.

Is irony ruining our culture?
Recently, the Onion spoofed an ad campaign in which Applebee’s encouraged hipsters to visit their restaurants “ironically” and middle-aged adults to make fun of hipsters. The parody describes four “with it” young folks “seriously” eating their dinner at Applebee’s while ridiculing the food, service and atmosphere. Behind them sit three sad, middle-aged adults mocking the hipsters, sarcastically saying “because I know who the latest bands are I am too cool to eat a cheeseburger without making fun of it.” Neither group is genuinely happy about their meal or station in life. The Onion’s satire points out that irony and formality have become the same thing. 
Random cat-owner suggestion: get these. So much more pleasant when you cat wants to sit on your chest and breathe in your face!

Vaguely related: a makeup bag with cat ears!

If you live in the Twin Cities: all the outdoor movies this summer and 50 things you probably didn’t know about MSP

Cute! Zodiac-specific gift ideas.

Was your mom right?
Researchers studying 13-year-olds found that those who engaged in “pseudomature” behavior — such as minor shoplifting and precocious romantic relationships — and were seen as the “cool kids” tended to develop problems with drugs and relationships by their early 20s.

How do college kids change in their first year at school? A photo essay.

100 (!) vegetable-based recipes.

Interesting! How is ‘real life’ makeup different from ‘red carpet’ makeup?

And some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: True Story: I waited till marriage to have sex, A 2 step plan for getting what you want, Mini Travel Guide: Ireland.


Audrey Lin

I was especially intrigued by the photo essay of how college students change during their first year, because I'm about to start my first year! Maybe I'll do "before and after" of myself! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Catherine Summers

New OK Go videos are the highlight of my week whenever they're released!! And thank you SO much for all that time and brilliant effort put into your free tips offer, Sarah – I thought about replying to your email to say thank you but then thought it would clog up your Inbox even more, hence my thank you Tweet instead :))

Thank you also for the mention about my statement piece post! Definitely been time-wasting (in a good way) with these other links too…!

Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb x


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