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Yes!  A great post about the agendas we assume others have.

For years I lived in world in which people lived AT ME. For example:
Craig worked out AT ME while I tried to enjoy the couch. So aggressive.
People discussed natural child birth AT ME because they could sense my previous sixty epidurals.
People attempted ATTACHMENT PARENTING AT ME. ( I still don’t know what that really is but it certainly doesn’t sound like something behind which I’d rally.)
People threw Pinterest parties AT ME.
People trained for triathalons AT ME.
People refused to eat carbs after 8 pm AT ME.
I was constantly under attack with all of these judgy people living AT ME. I was living in a hostile world.

What’s better than rent an apartment on Airbnb? Renting a vintage winnebago!

Let’s travel to France vicariously, shall we?

I need to get better at this: the art of the delightfully chill weekend.

This is so cute it could convert me to the pro-romper camp.

What are your Monday non-negotiables?

Things to eat/bake/cook: raspberry macaroon tart, unique cocktails, mediterranean eggplant chickpea salad, jeweled couscous salad, pear and gorgonzola grilled cheese.

Love it (of course). A guy puts on his pants using only dance moves.

I loved Meg’s piece on How To Be Enough In A World That Would Rather You Weren’t

How to put on your face.

Celebrities and their historical twins. (Jennifier Lawerence and her Egyptian twin-actress?)

In case you needed another reason not to eat processed food.

I loved this tour of a 100 year old house – the perfect blend of antiques and interesting, colorful, warm accents.

A cute idea for yearly anniversary photos.

Such a pretty top!

Do you think Melissa McCarthy threw overweight women under the proverbial bus?

One of the staples of any McCarthy comedy is the scene (or scenes) wherein our heroine throws herself at the men around her with a revved-engine machismo—because fat women are, of course, never desired or pursued; we must toss our flour-damp bodies into a crowd and see what sticks.


Monica Fastenau

I was so thrilled to see posts from two of my college friends on this week's list! Sarah and Stacia are both so talented, and I love to see their work being shared. 🙂


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