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Darlin’ from Summer Twins on Vimeo.How was your week, friends? Mine was busy with the launch of The Post College Survival Kit but I’m also totally devoted to squeezing the last drops out of my summer, so I fit in a picnic by the river with my guy, rooftop drinks (lemon sorbet in a prosecco? OKAY.) and a bike ride + tubing on the Cannon River. Fun!

Okay. Enough about me + my inner tube. Links!

Such a good read: This is why you’re a bad feminist.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the reasons my friends feel like “bad feminists:” Taking pole dancing classes. Choosing to marry. Adopting one’s husband’s last name upon marrying. Losing weight. Wearing pink. Enjoying BDSM. Feeling annoyed by other women’s kids/babies in public spaces. Choosing to be a stay at home mom. Wearing high heels. Shaving legs and armpits. Brazilian waxing. Wanting a boyfriend who is bigger or taller than oneself. Enjoying the missionary position. Engaging in sex work. Wanting men to be the sexual initiators.
Things to eat/bake/cook: brown butter blondies, zucchini sweet potato slice, gooseberry clafoutis.What’s the difference between taking risks and being reckless?

I bought one of these shirts and now I need to buy more. Here’s why:
1. They don’t pill (they’re stretch rayon!)
2. They’re a flattering cut that’s work AND fun appropriate
3. The back scoop is classily sexy

Have you ever worked with a graphic designer? Here’s how to give feedback.

My friend Katie wrote an open letter to her Belly fat.
Sometimes I’ll just stare at you in the mirror after I get out of the shower and try to imagine which fruit I most resemble. I don’t have the hips to be a pear, I’m not round enough to be an apple, and my hair’s not pokey enough to be a pineapple. I’m more like a skinny mango. I cannot but marvel at how disproportionate you are to the rest of my person; long legs, thin arms, small boobs, slender neck…I have as logical of body proportions as Spongebob Squarepants.

I think this would be The Best (and cheekiest) engagement ring ever.Related: the rise of the non-diamond engagement ring.
We sat on the plane, waiting to take off from LAX, married for only 24 hours and wearing two plain, matching bands. They were simple in design and simple in message: Our supposed economic status wasn’t sitting on my finger; all I saw was a perfect symbol of our commitment and love. My gold band was all I needed and all I wanted. The absence of a diamond was just the kind of statement jewelry that suited me, so I never wore it again.

I can’t believe this gorgeous dress is $18!

A good reminder.

A cute throw pillow for anyone who loves the midwest.Are you forever trying to figure out if it’s better to buy or rent? This’ll help.

An awesome platform to help you organize blog post ideas! (Or organize anything really.)

Good lord. Can you believe her waist?Yes! Turning jealousy into motivation.

I’m reading this right now and loving it (don’t let the title fool you).

So helpful! How to link to a specific spot in a Youtube video.

Such a classy, interesting dress!

When I was 22, I wanted to get my M.A. in culture studies and prepared by doing a four credit directed study about Britney Spears. Thus, I’m incredibly intrigued by her ‘lost’ album.

Are you in introvert, an extrovert, or a sea monster?

This song makes me want to dance like a muppet and I want to make pancakes to this weird reggae song about the books of the bible.

I love infographics. I love hearing about creatives routines. So I love this very much.

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I enjoy the idea of non-diamond engagement rings. I didn't want one when my husband and I got engaged about twenty years ago. It seemed like an incredible waste of money for two young people just starting out. I've never regretted that decision.

Sarah Von Bargen

Yes! There are so many things that I enjoy more than jewelry (like trips and good food and a well-stocked personal library). Of course, I know that there are many women who love their engagement rings (and they should!) but I've never really been one for gemstones or expensive jewelry.


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