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How was your week, friends? My guy and I celebrated our anniversary by recreating our first date, and this weekend was consumed by brunches and a themed party for which I made these. Of course.

Also, a kind, happy-fying note after this sad, rough week. An anonymous Yes and Yes reader was so moved by Esme Wang’s work (which they found through this post) that they donated $500 to The Mental Health Association of San Francisco. That money will help them make care packages for people who are in psychiatric hospitals. Whoever you are, many hugs and hearts to you.

Okay! Let’s talk about you, internet!

Super interesting: What I learned after taking a homeless mother grocery shopping.

“Here’s the thing,” she explained. “We can’t have anything perishable in the shelter. So, the girls never get enough fruits or vegetables. We don’t have a stove or a fridge. I don’t want you to think I’m buying bad things. I just don’t have a way to keep the good things.”Can scientists predict moment-to-moment happiness?

Of course I loved this Airstream makeover. I love how rustic they made it!

I’m completely mesmerized by this dress. Never thought I’d say that about something from Ann Taylor!

When Mimismartypants goes to San Francisco for work and enjoys ‘part of a marijuana beverage’ hijinks ensue.

We’ve all lived in questionable spaces, right? The Time I Lived In A Laundry Shed… And How To Change Your Beliefs And Stop Feeling Like A Loser

Things to eat/bake/cook: White wine slushies, lemon blueberry icebox cake.Oh, gosh, The Nostalgia Machine is amazing. You can set if for any year and it shows you the most popular music video of that time!

I am obviously fascinated by Russia’s ugly, mean suburbs.

Yes! Earn your sleep.

A gorgeous skirt.

These temporary tattoo would be great reminders.

What happens when you go to a Barbie Collectors Convention? AMAZING THINGS, OBVIOUSLY.

Two fascinating posts that certainly challenged my ideas of traditional marriage:

If you’re married to a woman, how can you really be gay?
This is a really good question and I can see how people can be confused about it. Some might assume that because I’m married to a woman, I must be bisexual. This would be true if sexual orientation was defined by sexual experience. Heck, if sexual orientation were defined by sexual experience, I would be as straight as the day is long even though I’ve never been turned on by a Victoria’s Secret commercial in my entire life. Sexual orientation is defined by attraction, not by experience. In my case, I am attracted sexually to men. Period. Yet my marriage is wonderful, and Lolly and I have an extremely healthy and robust sex life.

I’m a lesbian marrying a man

The wonderful smell of this man made me want to laugh out loud with pleasure, as did the lovely, slightly mannered, slightly pompous way he spoke (so like my own slightly mannered, slightly pompous speech). And I recognized in that delight, to my great surprise, desire. Later, I will realize that he looks a great deal like my first girlfriend (who looked a great deal like the writer Peter Matthiessen — slender, weathered face, salt and pepper hair) and my last cat (the same green eyes and self-satisfied smile).


If you’re a blogger, do you ever find yourself doing things JUST so you can blog about it?

These plates! Ca-yute!

You guys. Is Mitt Romney the world’s sweetest grandpa?

Love it. Things I Don’t Care About.

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THE EGG SONG! Oh my goodness, my best friend and I discovered that way back in middle school and seeing it again is such a pleasant blast from the past!

Audrey Lin

hahahahhaha omg the egg song. Another enjoyable one might be the badger song or the mango song 😛 I really enjoyed reading the post about living your life to blog / blogging while living your life 🙂 I do have to say that since I started blogging, I've taken more risks in life and done more things out of my comfort zone that turned out to be a blast. I guess it's all about balance! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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