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Friends! How was your week? As you read this I’m in Seattle with my guy, celebrating my recent birthday. I also spent four days in Portland with my wonderful ladies Alex, Shauna, and Kelly. We had The Most Fun. On the docket for Seattle? Whale watching and eating. Yay!

Links! For you!

Co-signedA person gets an immense amount of satisfaction from the knowledge of having done good work and of having made the best use of their day.

My idea of richness.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a social worker?

100 ways to reduce stress. Yes!  I particularly love #23 and #36.

If your twenties aren’t quite turning out as planned, don’t worry. You’re not a hap-hazard has been.

Somewhere in the last 7 years, that certain, sugary-sweet, and eternally optimistic girl has become someone who has a tendency to scrawl out everything in a day planner, (slick black ink, please). Who sometimes chooses to nap instead of careening down a dirt road to a tiny mountain town. Who occasionally worries that I’ve lost it–whatever it is, that used to make me so magnetic. But who knows that I’m finding my way back, finding my way forward, fighting my way forward into exactly who I want to to be.

Do you ever get out of your depth on DIY projects? 8 home projects you should just pay someone else to do.

This studio apartment is perrrrfect! That floating wall with the mirror! So clever!

Also: I love this Scandinavian-style cottage in New Zealand.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this. Have you tried it?

It’s possible! How to wear a crop top in your forties!

Things to make/eat/bake: spaghetti pie, raspberry and pomegranate smoothie with green tea ice cubes, almond butter and fig sandwiches.

Real talk. Something isn’t your #1 priority if you have 50 of them.

The only reason we’re “so stressed” and “so busy” and constantly feeling like there “isn’t enough time” is because we’re trying to do too many things at once. That’s it, that’s the reason. And do you want to know why we do this in the first place? It’s because we don’t have a true priority. That anxious feeling of not having enough time is a direct symptom of not knowing what the top priority is, because when nothing is important everything feels urgent, and we spend our lives crashing around from one thing to another thing, checking our email “just one more time” or whatever crazy habits we’ve fallen into to make ourselves feel fulfilled through the trap of “more more more.”

I spent six weeks in a Nepal a few years ago and got to know my hiking guide pretty well. I was fascinated by this post about Mount Everest, climber culture, and how the climbing industry affects locals.

Isn’t this dress pretty? I’d pair it with motorcycle boots and a big, black hobo bag.

Yes! A template for your online dating profile.

What the bride took 

The bride took her husband’s last name. The bride took her mother-in-law’s bracelet. The bride took six gold candlesticks from the reception hall. The bride took her sister’s dignity and her cousin’s eyes. The bride was last seen heading north.


Audrey Lin

Oh gosh, secondhand bookstores are my weakness, so I'd consider buying every book I'd ever want without looking at the price tag my idea of richness as well. // #1 stress relief is excellent. My college just put a row of hammocks up a few days ago! #100 stress relief is SO TRUE! // Haha I never thought about it that way, but I guess pelvis could be the new cleavage, though I probably will not be baring either. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


Unfortunate timing with the weather in Seattle– it's the first rainy weekend we've had in at least a month. I hope you enjoy it here though!

Also, if you want to include a donut the size of your head in your eating plans, you can get them at Pike Place. So goooood. You can find them at Pike Place Bakery, by the fish throwers.


Sarah, you always post the right links at the right time (even if I'm a couple of weeks behind). Thank you for the Priorities link – super important right now xx

PS Happy belated birthday! 🙂


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