Back-To-School Shopping Like A Grown Ass Woman

As the daughter of two teachers (and a former teacher myself) early September holds a special magic for me. Each fall I give into the temptation of back-to-school sales and fill my desk with sharp new pencils and piles of pretty notebooks I don’t need. Usually I’m able to resist the urge to buy something in plaid, but not always.This year, let’s give ourselves over to a bit of back-to-school shopping, but in a slightly more grown up version. Less Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper, more messenger bag and ipad. (Unless we’re talking about a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper Ipad case which is actually a thing and willwondersnevercease!)

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite school-ish things for you below and they’re all under $50!

No September is complete without a new backpack. Let’s overfill these with hardcover books (covered in dust covers we made from brown paper bags). Let’s also add some Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, as amazing multi-color pen, and one Oreo that fell out of lunch bag and is crumbling around the bottom.

Cute office supplies!
If you had any of these things in your desk in fourth grade you would win Coolest Kid, hands down. If you have them in your cubicle, you will also win Coolest Kid, hands down. Aren’t those feather pens Cher Horowitz-esque?



Summer is a time for reading slightly more frivolous things but now that school’s in session, let’s stretch our brains a bit more. I loved everything about Bill Bryson’s One Summer. I could barely finish it because I was so busy wikipediaing everything he wrote about!


Skillshare classes!
If you haven’t been in school for a years, it’s easy to forget how you life and mind expand when you learn something new. Let’s make time to stretch our brains a bit this fall – take a community ed class, download Duolingo or take a Skillshare class.




How are you going to harness that ‘Let’s get down to business‘ energy that comes with fall? Are you going to engage in a little grownup back-to-school shopping?

P.S. How to stay smart.



There's something so awesome about this time of year. I definitely love all of the cute backpack designs that they're coming out with, although some of them seem more functional than others. 🙂


Back-to-school shopping was always my favorite. This year I'm avoiding buying anything (hard when I'm cashier and keep seeing cute things!!) but, in back-to-school spirit, I am going to be spending extra time educating myself. I've been using Duolingo to prepare for my upcoming Central America adventure and am checking out the skillshare classes!

Though I just realized I'll be buying a backpack for my trip next week…that definitely counts, right?


Sarah, I'm really loving this Grown-Ass-Woman series you've been sharing with us lately. It's filled with all sorts of helpful information about issues that I need to confront, but may or may not want to think about… 😉 I can't get enough!


I also love this series! I recently finished grad school, moved to a new city, started a new job, and am trying to date after more than a year of singledom, so this could not be coming at a better time! 🙂


This is AWESOME! I love back to school. Recently found Duolingo & have been getting really into it too! Now where to go to practice all that spanish….. 🙂


So much good info here! I think I found my next book club selection with "One Summer", thanks so much. Also, I recommend CodeAcademy ( if you want to learn a computer programming language. I've learned programming before, and it really starts you from the very beginning. It seems really similar to Duolingo. (No, I'm not affiliated with them…in fact, I'm still wondering how they make money!)


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