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How was your week, friends? My guy and I spent a rainy Tuesday in the San Juan Islands (of course it got sunny as we were leaving) and now I’m back in Minnesota for at least a month. I am so looking forward to the quieter, nestier energy of autumn. So much soup! So many sweaters!

Okay. Links for you!

Oh, gosh. I looooved this post from Jamie Varon. Like, I’d like to made into a poster that I hang on my ceiling and I read it before I go to sleep at night.

Most of what I’ve desired (money, fame, fortune, accolades, admiration) are byproducts of a life well-lived and a life that is guided by passion and love. Because, although of course it would be wonderful to write a bestselling novel, I have to enjoy the time it takes to write the novel, the bestseller status a natural byproduct (or not!) of the work I put into it. I want money to come as a byproduct of a day to day work that is fulfilling and worthwhile to me. Money, as a goal, has been the most fruitless pursuit of my life and I’m glad I’ve realized this at only 29 years old.

Tipbombing. Such a sweet idea!

I don’t know why this web comic isn’t totally famous. I’ve been reading the archives voraciously!

Want to make every day feel like a vacation? OF COURSE.

An honest post from my girl Carly. I have no idea what it’s like to be skinny.

Have you ever heard of using vodka and baking soda to clean your skin? And making your own sunscreen?

How to calmly, politely, diplomatically explain street harassment to people who don’t believe it’s happening.

If you love a blogger but can’t afford to buy their stuff and don’t need to hire them, there are still lots of ways you can support them.

Fascinating. My life as a Magnolia Bakery cupcake bouncer.

I was the guy that lied to you and said members of Sex and the City came in there all the time since at least 50% of the bakery’s nightly business in the early aughts was thanks to a small appearance on the show, and the snowball kept rolling downhill from there. On weekends, busses filled with people on some Sex in the City tour would stop and park outside, let the tourists out to take pictures, then pass out cupcakes that we claimed were from Magnolia, but were actually from one of the bakery’s offshoots, opened by Magnolia’s former owner, and another by her former manager, both who knew about the dozen-per-customer rule.

I know summer is nearly over but I need one of these for next year. So clever!

Whhaaaaat?! John Stewart was almost a professional soccer player and Ed O’Neill is a Ju Jitsu black belt? 

For your next party, you need to play this ‘Spliced Krispies‘ playlist. The Rolling Stones mashed with The Temptations? Stoned Roses + Billy Joel + The Byrds? YES.

Wouldn’t this be an amazing birthday present to give a kid? (Though, honestly, I’d be pretty pumped, too.)

What happens when you inhabit a man’s brain for months so you can write a male literary character?

My protagonist, Nate, is a well-educated writer in his early 30s. He lives in Brooklyn. His world is my world, and yet when I looked at it through Nate’s eyes, the landscape looked so different. I began to realize just how different it would be to operate in a world whose romantic assumptions about you were so hospitable to your self-esteem—that is, to be a man.

A super interesting read about women in country music.

A cute DIY for travelers!

And if you like Tom Petty, you’ll love this song.

Did you know you can regrow basil from sprigs? 7 more vegetables you only have to buy once.

A few Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: Just do what you’re doing, 3 tricks to be heaps more focused (without any coffee), 7 awesome things to see/eat/do in South Dakota (yes, really).



Poorly Drawn Lines is the best webcomic I've ever seen. I've been subscribing to it for around a year and they ALWAYS literally make me laugh out loud. Whoever writes those is hilarious.


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