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How was your week, guys? I surprised my guy for his birthday with a day trip to Wisconsin (we’re trying to visit all of their amazing supper clubs) and I also helped my BFF of 22 years pack up her house. She’s moving to Santa Fe! I’m so happy for her and so sad for myself! Ah well, one more couch to crash on, right?
Anyhoo. Enough crying over departing BFFs. Links for you!
If you are on a date and you don’t like what you see, you have every right to publicly or privately end the relationship’s potential right there. Physical beauty is a completely acceptable characteristic that you’re allowed to check off on your list of “must-haves.” But you are not—never, never-ever-ever—allowed to demean another human who does not meet that level of beauty. Even if you feel compelled to just “tell it like it is.”
Day 29 – 2:30 PM
Saw a commercial for “The Big Bang Theory” in which Kaley Cuoco jumps up and down. Full relapse.
Ooooh! Such a clever DIY for a classy litter box solution.
I’m sure someone in your life needs temporary robot tattoos.
Isn’t it disappointing when one of your favorite performers turns out to be racist?
Related: if you’re looking to fill an Iggy-shaped hole in your life, might I recommend Azalea Banks or Angel Haze?
The aesthetics of possibility, found in the girl’s dance, in Gebreels’s art, in prayer vigils, looting, insurrections (that some call “rioting”) and protesting in Ferguson, are modes of collective study, a form of what Jacque Derrida might envision as the “unconditional university,” a mode of collective, improvisatory study that privileges the “as if.” We act, through the aesthetics of possibility, as if we already are what we want to be, as if we already have what we want to give away, as if liberation is already with us, as if resources were already equitably distributed. In such desiring, in such aspiration, is the enactment of the otherwise world. Here. Now.
Does your Sunday have too many free hours? Does your salad have too many walnuts?
Did we already talk about this book? I/my cat need it.
I am compleeeeetely obsessed with Dead Man’s Town – indie bands covering all the song on Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born In The USA.’
I love how Tracy is using some of her extra photos in the ‘And I quote’ series!



Pick-up lines: "I have cheese":)) ahhahha 🙂 good one!
Here's a Swedish one for you:
you know the pretty popular greeting in Swedish is "Nej men hej!" (=no, but hi!)
In this one cartoon I saw, a lady at the bar gets this line from a man, and she replies,
Hej, men nej (=hi, but no). 🙂


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